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IBM z15 platform offers enhanced performance, a new on-chip compression accelerator, and extensive software integration

A new IDC white paper spotlights how the next-generation enterprise IBM z15 platform can help enhance the private cloud portion of a hybrid cloud environment. According to the white paper, “Transforming a Corporate Datacenter into a Modern Environment: Kubernetes as a Foundation for Hybrid Cloud,” the key enablement for hybrid cloud is made possible through the availability of a portable, multi-platform cloud platform — and as the industry moves in this direction, Linux, containers, and Kubernetes form the basis of a universal abstraction layer.

The IBM Z system offers enhanced performance, a new on-chip compression accelerator that boosts throughput of the pervasive encryption capability, and extensive software integration. In addition, with the IBM Z system, Red Hat OpenShift will be a widely available software resource, along with IBM’s new Cloud Paks — a set of developer and deployment services — to accelerate the deployment of modern development tools, middleware, artificial intelligence (AI) data services, and management resources.

Read the white paper to find out more.