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Giving people access to their funds to ensure community well-being before and after disaster strikes is critical to survival and recovery. You can connect and integrate your applications to banking enterprise IT infrastructures and systems using APIs to validate credit ratings, get balances, access customer information, and more. Ninety-two of the world’s top 100 banks rely on IBM Z to securely handle enormous numbers of transactions each day. Developers can leverage APIs to create applications that use vast amounts of mainframe data without requiring mainframe skills.

Utilize the code pattern Create financial applications using APIs on mainframe to emulate calling an enterprise banking system for customer information, bank account information, credit ratings, and more. These APIs access a banking system that uses IBM CICS, IBM Db2, IBM Machine Learning, and more. These are extremely common applications that many financial institutions are running today to process credit card, ATM, and other applications that require high I/O processing, the highest level of security, and high availability — applications where minutes can mean millions.

Take your application to the next level by enabling it to help increase efficiency and effectiveness of programs that provide relief and critical needs to disaster-stricken areas!