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From releases, to Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs), to blogs, check out what's going on in the Apache Kafka community this month.

For last month’s digest, see Kafka Monthly Digest: October 2019.


  • 2.2.2: After two release candidates, Randall Hauch released this bugfix version on December 1, 2019. It contains 38 fixes, including 5 blockers. See the release notes for full details.

  • 2.4.0: The release process of 2.4.0 is continuing. On November 14, 2019, Manikumar Reddy published the first release candidate. The community found a number of blocker issues that postponed the release. RC1 was published on November 20, 2019, but another blocker was found. Another vote will start once a new RC is out.


November was relatively quiet in terms of KIPs as the community only submitted three (KIP-547 to KIP-549). So, let’s look at all of them:


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