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See what's going on in the Kafka community this month

In this 29th edition of the Kafka Monthly Digest, I’ll cover what happened in the Apache Kafka community in June 2020.

For last month’s digest, see Kafka Monthly Digest: May 2020.


2.6.0: This release entered code freeze on June 10. The community identified a handful of blocker JIRAs and is currently working on fixing them. For the full details, see the release plan in the wiki.

2.5.1: The release process of 2.5.1 continued. At the moment there are a few blocker JIRAs left. The release is now expected for the first half of July.


Last month, the community submitted 15 KIPs (KIP-620 to KIP-634), and these KIPs are the ones that caught my eye.

Community Releases

In this section, I will cover releases of some community projects. I cover only those community projects that are Open Source.

  • node-rdkafka 2.9.0. This new release of node-rdkafka is now based on librdkafka 1.4.2 and offers access to the transactional producer API. The Typescript API has also been improved and as always a number of issues have been fixed.

  • Debezium 1.2.0. This release is now based on Kafka 2.5.0 and can make use of KIP-585 for content-based event routing and filtering. In addition to improvements to connectors, Debezium 1.2.0 introduces a new runtime, the Debezium Server that is compatible with messaging infrastructure like Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, or Apache Pulsar.


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