Have you always wondered about Kubernetes? Have you wanted to get your hands on it and implement it, but never knew just where to start? You’re not alone. It’s a common sentiment among developers as orchestrated containers can be quite a bit different from traditional methods, especially in the enterprise.

We, at IBM Developer, are all too aware that Kubernetes can be overwhelming for a lot of developers out there. So we’re hosting a Kubernetes 101 workshop in Miami on January 23rd to hopefully assuage any fears or confusion around the technology. Join us at this exclusive event where we’ll break down Kubernetes for you and answer any questions that you might have.

The workshop will start at 12:30pm and will run for several hours (depending on the amount of attendees we have), so come early to secure a great seat! This event’s sole purpose is to help anyone interested in learning about Kubernetes. We’ll walk through the basics of containers, Kubernetes, and how it can be implemented in various ways.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to confidently use Kubernetes for an application. Because we want to use as much time as we can with hands on keyboards, the agenda is as follows:

  • Spin up a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud or set up fallback options (10-20 mins)
  • During the above, the academic portion will be running (30-45 mins)
  • Hands on keyboards (60 mins)
  • Any lessons learned and sharing with the group (10 mins)

Here’s the doc that we’ll be using for the workshop event: https://ibm.gitlab.io/docs/kube101/

I hope to see you there! Tweet me @jjasghar if you have any questions about the workshop.