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Make plans to attend Open Source Summit Europe, the leading conference connecting the open source ecosystem under one roof.

Open Source Summit Europe (October 28 – 30, 2019) is just a few days away. From a fun “Code for Coffee” challenge to an amazing keynote on Trusted AI to solving technical issues with the best and brightest in the community and collaborating within the open source ecosystems, this is the open tech conference that you would hate to miss.

Sharpen your coding skills: Code for Coffee quick lab

Open Source Summit Europe is the leading conference connecting the open source ecosystem under one roof, providing a forum for technologists and open source industry leaders to collaborate and share information, learn about the latest in open technologies, and find out how to gain a competitive advantage by building an open enterprise.

Stop by the sponsor showcase to check out the live demos on open source technologies including Linux One and artificial intelligence, and get answers to your open source support questions. A freshly baked croissant will await you upon the completion of your “Code for Coffee” challenge. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the IBM-sponsored O’Reilly report on “Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence” as you network with industry experts and your fellow developers at the IBM booth.

Check out these sessions to learn the latest and greatest:

Monday, Oct 28

Time Type Session
11:30 – 12:05 AM Linux Systems Address Space Separation Inside the Linux Kernel: Mike Rapoport & James Bottomley, IBM
12:20 – 12:55 PM Cloud Infrastructure & Automation Mario’s Adventures in Tekton Land: Andrea Frittoli, IBM & Vincent Demeester, Red Hat
14:25 – 15:00 PM Embedded Linux Conference Boot Time Memory Management: Mike Rapoport, IBM
15:15 – 15:50 PM LF AI Summit (AI/ML/DL) Are Data Struggles Holding Back Your AI projects? Are You Ready for Open Metadata and the CDLA?: Jeffrey Borek & Mandy Chessel, IBM
17:10 – 17:45 PM Emerging Technologies & Project Highlights/Updates The Move to Production Enterprise Blockchains: The Challenges of a Maturing Technology: Arnaud Le Hors, IBM

Tuesday, Oct 29

Time Type Session
10:20 – 10:25 AM Keynote Sessions Keynote: Trusted AI: Bringing Trust Back into AI through Open Source: Todd Moore, Vice President, Open Technology, Cognitive Applications, IBM
11:30 – 12:05 PM Cloud Infrastructure & Automation Transitioning from an In-house Scheduler to the Kubernetes Scheduler: A Case of Cloud Foundry: Nima Kaviani & Nimesh Bhatia, IBM
12:20 – 12:55 PM LF AI Summit (AI/ML/DL) Ethics in AI: Detecting and Remediating Bias in AI by Creating Ethical AI Practices: Animesh Singh, IBM
12:20 – 12:55 PM Emerging Technologies & Project Highlights/Updates Creating Blockchain Applications with Hyperledger Fabric: Andrew Coleman, IBM
14:25 – 15:00 PM Emerging Technologies & Project Highlights/Updates Introduction to JanusGraph: Jason Plurad, IBM
15:15 – 15:50 PM Cloud Infrastructure & Automation Securing your Containerized Applications in Kubernetes: A Primer: Phil Estes, IBM Cloud

Wednesday, Oct 30

Time Type Session
11:30 – 12:05 PM[AC1] Embedded Linux Conference Under Lock & Key: Using Hardware Protected Keys with the Linux Crypto API: Gilad, Arm
14:25 – 15:00 PM TO DO / Open Source Program Management Business Models & Open Source Licenses in 2019: Can We All Get Along?: Jeffrey Borek, IBM & Stephen Walli, Microsoft
16:15 – 16:50 PM KVM (Joint KVM Forum Track) KVMstat and Beyond – Past, Present and Future of Performance Monitoring: Christian Bornträger, IBM

Click here to learn more about these sessions.

Explore open source at the IBM Showcase at P3

  • LinuxOne: Find out about the benefits of open source software for Linux on Z and the LinuxONE platform.
  • Open source data & AI technologies: See how our computer vision AI can predict your age. We’ll discuss the technology behind the code.
  • Open source support: Explore how to deploy open source technologies across your enterprise with confidence.