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Learn how Multimedia5 used Watson to create a cognitive video creation technology that blends artificial intelligence, art, and the human element.

Everyone has the same problem: How do you create high quality, brand-appropriate videos? And how do you do it at the right price point, fast enough, and at scale?

Multimedia5™, a Tampa Bay area, Florida-based tech start-up whose mission is to make video creation simple and smart has developed a first-of-its-kind cognitive-driven video creation platform that integrates with IBM® Watson® Natural Language Understanding to enhance and scale the user experience. The platform enables journalists, publishers, media agencies, marketers, small businesses, teachers, students, and anybody without prior video making experience to transform web content and unique ideas into a video – within an affordable price point in the market and in the shortest amount of time.

This is not your traditional video creation system. This system is a cognitive video creation technology that blends artificial intelligence, art, and the human element, creating a new paradigm shift where video content and creativity are generated by artists, data, and machine learning.

“We are solving a big problem in the industry because the hard part of doing video at scale is very expensive and it involves a lot of steps.” – Marwan Nussairat, Founder & CEO, Multimedia5 and Karthik Balu, Head of Software Engineering, Multimedia5

The company’s cognitive video creation platform understands the video creation process in the way human video producers do.

“We are not attempting to replicate human intelligence or replace human beings. We are using Watson Natural Language Understating technology to automate the video production process, reduce production resources, and enhance/scale the user experience.” – Marwan Nussairat

How it works

Multimedia5’s platform uses the power of IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding to give its users the most advanced intelligent content analysis and media mapping search. Users can enter a keyword, add scripts, or enter any public URL and the platform can determine important keywords ranked by relevance, as well as perform analysis, understand text, and identify general concepts that might not have been directly referenced in the text.

The platform extracts insights from the content such as concepts, entities, keywords, categories, relations, and semantic roles. NLU’s capabilities help automate video creation by producing a rough-cut storyboard and suggesting the most relevant image and video footage to use with the video script.

Using keywords and concept analysis from NLU, the Multimedia5 platform automatically pulls the most relevant licensed media content from a built-in media library to help users create video content in a matter of minutes. The Multimedia5 platform can also analyze the overall emotion of the content and suggest relevant music tracks for users to use in the video making process.


Multimedia5 with IBM Watson gives its partners the most advanced artificial intelligence story building blocks to make meaningful story-driven connections with people and solve common business and marketing issues such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Audience engagement
  • Traffic and website conversion

The company’s technology platform is the most efficient and effective solution to develop creative smart video content that engages users and optimizes content for maximum social interaction and learning. With Multimedia5’s video creation platform, even people who aren’t professional video creators can quickly produce high-quality videos that are brand appropriate, at-scale, and at the right price point.