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Embed capabilities from IBM Watson directly within your SAP landscapes

Today we’re excited to announce the official availability of the ABAP SDK for IBM Watson, which enables developers to easily call and use all IBM Watson Developer Services directly from ABAP code in SAP systems. This kit specifically supports developers who want to embed capabilities from IBM Watson directly within their SAP landscapes.

The ABAP SDK for IBM Watson is a community-driven SDK created for the ABAP open source community by ABAP specialists from across IBM. While this is our first contribution to the ABAP open source community, we’ve worked with SAP on multiple open source joint initiatives as part of our work with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), including Cloud Foundry’s Project Eirini as part of our joint collaboration on SAP Cloud Platform single-tenant edition on IBM Cloud. We’re excited to continue our partnership in open source.

ABAP SDK for IBM Watson capabilities

The kit is available today for both SAP NetWeaver as an unmanaged package available on GitHub. In the near future, we are adding support for SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment (1911 release and onwards).

The ABAP SDK can be installed using abapGit from your SAP system, as a direct repository import or as a referenced dependency using APACK package manager for abapGit.

Highlights of the kit include:

  1. The ability to query IBM Watson Developer Services using an ABAP codebase through thousands of lines of pre-built ABAP classes, methods, data types. The responses are translated back in ABAP structures or tables.
  2. Pre-built examples and sample code speed development. Developers can adjust these test examples for specific business-driven use cases and scenarios.
  3. Confidence the kit works, pre-tested on SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment 1911, SAP ECC 6.0 EhP08, SAP S/4HANA 1709, 1809 and 1909.

IBM and SAP partnership

The latest SAP business applications are designed to enable your digital transformation while moving to the cloud. When complimented with Cognitive Computing (AI and ML) capabilities from IBM Watson or extended with SAP Cloud Platform — including our joint partnership on SAP Cloud Platform single-tenant edition — these begin to empower your journey to an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP.

As SAP enterprise customers progress their hybrid cloud strategy in parallel to their digital transformation with SAP, they’re requirements from the business is to foster an intelligent enterprise. The community-driven ABAP SDK reflects our cross-business initiatives to bring these latest capabilities to IBM-SAP customers, balancing the security with the business needs to move faster and differentiate by leveraging the full portfolio from IBM Cloud for SAP.

An IBM team created this community SDK to help address the needs of SAP customers, and their developers, worldwide who use ABAP and want to enable their business with new capabilities. It’s the first SAP-focused open source project released by IBM, created by the ABAP community in IBM for the ABAP community worldwide.

Get involved

To learn more, visit the IBM GitHub organization and get instant access to Watson with an IBM Cloud account. Ask questions on Stack Overflow, notify us about errors or issues using GitHub issues, or contact the IBM SAP Innovation at if there are challenging new business scenarios we can assist with.

Bradley Knapp is an offering manager for IBM Cloud for SAP, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software.