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Open Source Summit 2019 is almost here, and it's going to be a great conference. From our 'coding for coffee' challenge to all the incredibly…

Open Source Summit 2019 is almost here (August 21-23, 2019), and it’s shaping up to be an exciting conference. From a fun “coding for coffee” challenge, to chat sessions hosted by IBM Design, to all the incredible speakers with open source talks covering the latest in technology — we’re excited to connect with you at Booth #6.

Test your coding skills: Code for Coffee Quick Lab

Great news — Coffee is good for you! According to a recent study, you can drink up to 25 cups of coffee a day with no long-term ill effects.

During Open Source Summit, we challenge you to use your coding skills for coffee. In 15 minutes or less, with a few lines of code, you’ll train a machine learning model to identify coffee mugs, bags, and a supporting cast of donuts. You can then claim victory and a special coffee-focused prize. Join us at IBM Booth 6 to engage in our Code for Coffee Object Recognition quick lab!

Check out the lab now.

Join a chat session hosted by IBM Design | Research

Join us on Thursday, August 22 to share your thoughts, meet fellow developer attendees, and get paid $185. IBM Design | Research is holding one hour sessions with four to eight attendees. During the session, participants will discuss their thoughts and experiences on adopting open source technology.

Sign up now!

We have three sessions available:

  • 10:30 – 11:30am
  • 1:00 – 2:00 pm
  • 3:45 – 4:45 pm

Hear from IBMers about their work in Open Source

OSS speakers

Tuesday, August 20
9:00am-12:30pm LF AI Foundation Meeting (additional fee; pre-registration required, 2 IBM sessions, Aqua Salon F
2:00pm-5:30pm Open Source on Mainframe Mini Summit (pre-registration required), John Metric, Matt Hogstrom, others; 411AB
4:05pm-4:30pm Overview of the Open Source Livestreaming Ecosystem, Spencer Krum; Aqua Solon E
Wednesday, August 21
10:15-10:20am Keynote: A Rich History of Open Source Driving a Bright Future, Todd Moore, Indigo B-H
2:25-3:00pm Stop Calling Knative Serverless!, Doug Davis, Sapphire P
Thursday, August 22
12:05-12:40pm Smart Enterprises Realize Contributions Sustain Open Source, Nithya Ruff, Comcast and Jeff Borek, IBM, Aqua Salon D
2:10-2:45pm Tested for Business: An Open and Transparent Quality Kit, Shelley Lambert, 402
3:00-3:35pm Get Diversity to the Roots: How to Have Diversity and Make a Real Impact to My Work, Company, and Society at Large, Arpana Durgaprasad, Aqua Salon E
4:05-4:40pm Introducing Kubeflow with Special Guests Tensorflow and Cross-Cloud Machine Learning, Trevor Grant, Sapphire H
4:55-5:30pm BoF: Istio Service Mesh Improvement, Lin Sun, Sapphire L
Friday, August 23
11:30am-12:05pm Linux Encryption Performance is Not an Excuse Anymore, Daniel Soldo, Indigo H
12:20-12:55pm Zowe Redefines the Way We Interact with z/OS, Joe Winchester, Sapphire D
2:25-3:00pm Bug Management – From A to Z, Vaishnavi Bhat, Aqua Salon AB
2:25-3:50pm Deploy Your First App and Solidity Smart Contracts to Hyperledger Fabric, Morgan Bauer and Swetha Repakula, Sapphire D

Explore open source at the IBM booth (Booth #6)

  • Code for Coffee QuickLabs: Get your hands on the code and kickstart your own Call for Code project with inspiration from a lab featuring drones, machine learning, and more.
  • Blockchain: Let’s talk about the benefits of blockchain and new developments in the IBM Blockchain Platform.
  • LinuxOne: Find out about the benefits of open source software for Linux on Z and the LinuxONE platform.
  • Open source support: Explore how to deploy open source technologies across your enterprise with confidence.
  • Kabanero: Learn about this new open source project that brings together Knative, Istio, and Tekton with new open projects Codewind, Appsody, and Razee into an end-to-end solution to architect, build, deploy, and manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes-based applications.
  • Java: Talk to IBMers who are actively contributing to the open Java communities, including Open Liberty, OpenJ9, Jakarata EE, and MicroProfile.
  • Open source at IBM: IBM continues to deliver innovative ideas as open source projects. Find out about the latest and greatest directly from key contributors to Kabanero, Appsody, Eclipse Codewind, Razee, and more.