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Valuing partner developer advocacy

By David Nugent | Published August 11, 2021

Discovering the perspectives of our partners on our technologies and products

A technical deep-dive on integrating Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By Steve Martinelli, Tim Robinson, David Fowler, Marc Chisinevski, Brett Coffman | Published August 6, 2021

Explore the main integration points between Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data, and how the two distinct data and AI platforms can communicate with each other.

Kafka Monthly Digest - July 2021

By Mickael Maison | Published August 5, 2021

From releases, to Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs), to blogs, check out what's going on in the Apache Kafka community for July 2021.

IBM Semeru Runtimes deliver enterprise quality for Java applications

By Tony Renaud | Published August 3, 2021

Learn how the IBM Semeru Runtimes, high-quality production-ready runtimes, meet the most demanding quality standards in the Java ecosystem.

Introducing the no-cost IBM Semeru Runtimes to develop and run Java applications

By Mark Stoodley, Murali Veeravalli | Published August 3, 2021

Build and deploy Java apps that start quickly, deliver great performance, and use less memory.

Stay involved with Call for Code

By IBM Developer Staff | Published August 1, 2021

The 2021 Global Challenge submission period has closed, but open source projects still need your contribution

ParData: A conduit for easy and standardized data set sharing

By Hong Xu | Published July 29, 2021

At IBM, we created the Python package ParData to resolve issues in data set sharing. A data set distributor must only accompany a schema that describes the data set, and a data set consumer can easily start working with these data sets with a few lines of code.

Start contributing to open source Call for Code projects

By IBM Developer Staff | Updated July 26, 2021 | Published September 21, 2020

Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from getting involved in open source. Learn how to get started in open source projects and engage with some of our Call for Code open source projects.