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Introducing StockTrader

By John Alcorn | Published July 23, 2018

The IBM Stock Trader application is a simple stock trading sample, where you can create various stock portfolios and add shares of stock to each for a commission.

Here’s why you should use Python for scientific research

By Vinay R. Rao | Published April 4, 2018

Look at some of the compelling reasons to adopt Python for scientific research

Train and evaluate custom machine learning models

By Joe Kozhaya | Published December 16, 2017

The IBM Watson team offers several pre-trained services as well as a rich set of customization capabilities.

The Variational Quantum Eigensolver

By Talia Gershon | Published November 20, 2017

Read on to learn that we’re on the path to achieving a quantum advantage for real-world applications.

New Jupyter notebooks for quantum computing

By Talia Gershon | Published September 5, 2017

The IBM quantum experience takes you into the lab, into the depths of the dilution refrigerator, through the magic of the cloud, and is freely available to anyone curious about programming quantum.

The Cognos Analytics 11.0 resource guide

By Robin Wood | Published July 31, 2017

This resource guide lists my top 6 places for you to learn more about Cognos Analytics, whether you’re a seasoned user or a newbie.

What is big data? More than volume, velocity and variety…

By J. Steven Perry | Published May 22, 2017

You’ve heard of Big Data, right? We’re all supposed to say yes, and Big Data is one of those topics I thought I understood until I tried explaining it. I realized that I needed to get my head around it at a high level.

Build your chatbot with Watson Conversation and entities from Watson NLU

By Joe Kozhaya | Published May 3, 2017

Watson Assistant offers an intuitive interface for developers and business experts to build interactive chatbots.