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Find out how private cloud combines the advantages of hosting and cloud, including cost savings, customization, and rapid enablement.

According to a recent Forrester report for infrastructure and operations professionals: “In 2017, 66% of our survey respondents claim to have adopted private cloud, with another 16% planning to adopt it in the next 12 months. What’s even more noteworthy is the increase in quality: 51% of respondents have enabled self-service, resource tracking, and policy-based automation with their private cloud technology to obtain a true cloud, up from 35% the year before. While many of these still fall short on the cloud litmus test, enterprises are getting closer to the bar.”

The adoption of private cloud at such massive growth rate in such a short time is unprecedented.

Among the key motivating factors:

Security — Recent hacking headlines and security compliance regulations are making very difficult for some business to securely continue deploying their core applications on the public cloud.

Sustainable innovation — Businesses are growing their ecosystem to include hybrid cloud. APIs are allowing connectivity to newer and cloud-native applications, while allowing enterprise to retain their core infrastructure on premise.

Vendor locking — Open source tools are the essence of technical innovation in the IT industry. From no-cost software trials to large user communities and readily available talents, open source software has established a credible platform that’s recognized as the fuel for innovation. Because of this multitude of choices, businesses feel less dependent on a single vendor.

DevOps — Businesses are providing readily available middleware and middleware services on private cloud. IBM Cloud Private has moved WebSphere, message queue, DB2, and the data science experience in containerized versions. This allows IT organizations to deploy cloud capabilities on premises securely.

Private cloud combines the advantages of hosting and cloud, including cost savings, customization, and rapid enablement.

To see private cloud in action, check out our developer pattern about building and deploying a financial microservice on IBM Z using IBM Cloud Private. And check out Forrester Adoption Profile: Private Cloud In North America to find out how adoption and accuracy have increased despite an ongoing migration craze.