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We wanted to make building Reactive microservices even easier for you and available on IBM Cloud Private. Check out the two new ways to build a Reactive application. These are only available in Java today.

Lagom Microservices sample application

Start with the Lagom microservices sample application in the IBM Cloud Private catalog. This sample app provides all you need, like docker images for each of the microservices and a Helm chart to orchestrate deployment. Learn more.

Ready to build?

  1. Install IBM Cloud Private Catalog.
  2. Search for Reactive.
  3. Select IBM Reactive Platform Lagom sample.

Lagom project template in Microclimate

Microclimate is IBM’s open, end-to-end containerized development experience. With this template, you can quickly set up a Lagom reactive microservices project and take advantage of the rich Lagom development environment. Microclimate makes it easy to set up a Jenkins pipeline to build and deploy your service. Microclimate can be run standalone on your laptop or on IBM Cloud Private. Learn more.

Ready to build?

  1. Download Microclimate.
  2. Select Java as the language.
  3. Select Lagom under project type.

Looking for more on Reactive?

Learn Reactive Architecture for free, at your own pace

Last year, Lightbend released a three-day, instructor-led training class entitled “Lightbend Reactive Architecture – Professional.” Since then, Lightbend and IBM turned the training class into six self-paced, online courses on the IBM Cognitive Class learning platform so that you can tackle the material in smaller chunks of time, with less cognitive load, learning at once at your own pace.

Cognitive Class bundles self-paced courses into mini-study programs, called learning paths. The three Reactive Architecture courses available now are part of the Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Foundations learning path:

The second learning path, called Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Advanced includes three more courses:

Start learning today, and become an expert in Reactive.

Build with Reactive code patterns

Integrating a Lagom App with IBM Cloud Object Store

This pattern demonstrates integration of a basic Lagom microservice with a cloud-based object storage for read-side data persistence. In reactive systems it is desirable to separate read-side and write-side data, a pattern referred to as CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation), since they have completely different needs from one another. The pattern example uses Lagom Persistence and IBM Cloud Object Store to implement read-side persistence for a simple microservice.

Creating a Soccer League Dashboard App with Akka

Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven application. The pattern example implements an actor-based web-crawler service to gather England Premier League Soccer statistics for display on a React-based UI. It demonstrates the use of Akka Cluster to create a resilient, scalable service.