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The co-chairs of the IBM Cloud SIG provide a recap of their presentation at the North America KubeCon 2018 event.

The KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 conference recently took place in Seattle, WA from December 10-13, 2018. The conference is a flagship event of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and was attended by around 8,000 technologist and business leaders from many countries, representing numerous companies and institutes. This was the biggest KubeCon + CloudNativeCon ever. The details of the event can be found here. In addition to being the most-attended event so far, it was a special one for the IBM Cloud Special Interest Group (SIG), because it was our first opportunity to update the attendees of our exciting progress. As co-chairs of the SIG, we brief you here about some of the activities around the SIG at the event. Hopefully this is informative for those of you who were’t able to attend in person this year.

Overview of our Special Interest Group

The IBM Cloud SIG was created with a purpose of providing an open platform for discussions around building, deploying, maintaining, supporting, and using Kubernetes on both IBM Public and Private Cloud. The SIG has three co-chairs who represent the diversified domains, including IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS), IBM Cloud Private (ICP) and open source software (OSS). We are very interested in making the SIG have even more diversified leadership with non-IBM representation and we would like to work with SIG members on climbing to the leadership role. Learn more about our SIG here:

Our SIG presentations

We gave two presentations at the conference, an intro to the group’s purpose and a deep dive. Some things that we covered in the talk were the SIG overview, collaboration structure, an overview of IBM Cloud and cloud provider code, and contributions from the SIG to the Kubernetes upstream work.

If you weren’t able to attend or want to rewatch, we have the recorded sessions and decks available:

KubeCon 1

Interaction with the cloud provider SIG leads

The conference provided an opportunity for all cloud provider SIGs to meet in person and attend a dinner that was sponsored by VMware®. We represented the IBM Cloud SIG at the dinner, and leaders from other cloud provider SIGs were in attendance as well. Groups that were represented included VMware, GCP, AWS, OpenStack, and Cloud Provider to name a few. During the dinner and at the Cloud Provider SIG introduction and deep dive sessions, there were several great discussions on the ongoing work in the Cloud Provider SIG for extracting cloud providers out of the main tree (kubernetes/kubernetes), improving cloud provider documentation, and initial discussion around a new governance model. Kudos to Andrew Kim, co-chair of the Cloud Provider SIG, for recapping these discussions in this email thread.

SIG Meet and Greet

As a co-located event to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, the Kubernetes Contributor Summit also took place on December 10 with two main tracks.

Thanks to Guin Saenger, Paris Pittman, Jorge Castro, and the other members of the Contributor Experience team for organizing the SIG Meet and Greet event.

As part of the Contributor Summit’s workshop for new contributors, the team set up a 30-45 minute SIG Meet and Greet session. This was an opportunity for all participating SIG leads to meet interested contributors who wanted to work on a new upstream. Interested contributors were provided with an overview of the SIGs and to provide guidance on how they can participate in the SIG activities. You can read the related discussion to the event:

We represented the IBM Cloud SIG at the Meet and Greet and discussed our SIG’s activities with the new contributor visitors at the SIG table.

KubeCon 2

All in all, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon was full of energy and vibrant Kubernetes community members. Alongside many activities and sessions, the conference also provided a great opportunity for various Kubernetes SIGs to update the community about ongoing activities, future work priorities, and face-to-face meetings for collaborative SIG activities. As with any SIG, we would like to have more participants in the IBM Cloud SIG to foster the group with new ideas and a shared leadership. If you would like more details on how to participate in the IBM Cloud SIG, visit our page at Hope to see you in the SIG discussions!

To stay up with our SIG, note that the cloud provider SIGs discussed in this blog post are now subprojects under the broader Cloud Provider SIG.