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Develop apps once and run anywhere on an open and accelerated hybrid cloud platform

IBM® and Red Hat® are very excited to share the news that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.3 is now available on IBM Power Systems™.

Clients can exploit the unique capabilities of OpenShift 4 to incrementally modernize the capabilities of their IT infrastructure and streamline their deployment of cloud native applications with continuous integration and deployment. They will be primed to exploit the performance of the Power architecture as they begin to infuse AI and ML insights and Open Source innovations into Linux® applications running on Power Systems. OpenShift 4 combines the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted enterprise container and Kubernetes platform with single step installation, automated upgrades and lifecycle management for every part of our client’s container stack.

The combination of Red Hat OpenShift 4 and IBM Power Systems servers will accelerate transformation of existing IT to Cloud while enabling clients to develop apps once and run anywhere on an open and accelerated hybrid cloud platform that is now available on IBM Cloud™ and Partner Clouds. Power Systems hold the #1 and #2 spots for Supercomputers.

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems

Red Hat and IBM Power® teams have been working together on OpenShift since 2018 with the initial release of OpenShift 3.11 on Power. Through this continuous collaboration and effort between IBM and Red Hat, improvements on Power have been made such as the support of IBM PowerVM® with OpenShift to enable our Power Enterprise systems. Early users include clients across Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Government Agencies, Research and Academia, Communications, and Systems Integrators who have provided invaluable feedback.

For example, housed at Boston University the Mass Open Cloud, a unique collaborative effort between higher education, industry, government, and non-profit entities, has built an OpenShift based cluster on ten IBM Power System AC922 servers with NVIDIA GPUs that provide a collaborative research platform for AI, ML, and Medical Research (including COVID-19) based cloud native applications. Another client is a large Government Agency who has standardized on Red Hat for their Linux and Cloud Infrastructure and is now adopting OpenShift as their standard for building cloud native applications and microservices across their cloud infrastructure running on x86 and Power based servers.

Why Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift offers automated installation, upgrades, and lifecycle management throughout the container stack—the operating system, Kubernetes and cluster services, and applications—on any cloud. OpenShift helps teams build with speed, agility, confidence, and choice. Developers can code in production mode anywhere they choose to build and get back to doing work that matters. Also, OpenShift is focused on security at every level of the container stack and throughout the application lifecycle. It includes long-term, enterprise support from one of the leading Kubernetes contributors and open source software companies.

Red Hat OpenShift is also available across public clouds including Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services in addition to the IBM Cloud and on-premises data centers. Earlier this year, Red Hat announced that more than 1,700 customers are using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat is a recognized leader in hybrid cloud and enterprise Kubernetes.

Why Power Systems?

IBM Power Systems deliver an elite level of business-critical workload performance, throughput and IT dependability combined with a new breed of Supercomputer architecture servers that enable cutting-edge AI innovation. Power Systems servers are used by National Research Labs, the Weather Channel along with 10 of the Top 10 Banking Companies, 9 of the Top 10 Insurance companies, 8 of the Top 10 Healthcare companies and 8 of the Top 10 Retailers. This is because IBM Power Systems have security built in at all layers, from processor to the OS, designed to deliver end-to-end security. IBM Power Systems are also ranked the most reliable for 10 straight years delivering 99.9996% uptime.

Power Systems are built on an Open Platform architecture that is supported by the OpenPower Foundation and supports AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems along with IBM PowerVC and KVM virtualization options plus Baremetal/IPMI based deployments.

Power Systems are available in IBM Cloud datacenters around the world along with Partner Clouds including SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and 100s of CSPs and MSPs.

Why Red Hat OpenShift on Power Systems?

OpenShift on IBM Power Systems takes advantage of the Hybrid Cloud Flexibility, Enterprise AI, Security and Robustness of the POWER platform – whether on-premises private cloud or public cloud. Clients can more quickly deploy OpenShift clusters with PowerVC on Power Enterprise Servers to incrementally modernize existing applications. Additionally, OpenShift can be deployed on PowerVM or Red Hat KVM (development) on Power scale-out servers to exploit the 3.2x container density advantage per core of the POWER9 multi-threaded architecture.

These capabilities are highlighted on the Hybrid Cloud Solutions on Power Systems website along with IBM Lab Services and IBM Garage to help clients get started wherever they are in their Journey to Cloud.

IBM Cloud Paks and Red Hat OpenShift on Power Systems

IBM Cloud Paks™ build on Red Hat OpenShift 4 to deliver containerized offerings which bring together IBM and open source software for various workloads such as data, application development, integration, security and multicloud VM, and container management. The Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is available now on Power and IBM intends to deliver all the Cloud Paks on OpenShift 4 on Power starting with the Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Applications later in the second quarter.

Video, white paper, Redbooks, and IBM Developer resources available now

You can learn more about Red Hat OpenShift and Hybrid Cloud Solutions on Power starting with a short introductory video by Joe Cropper, Chief Engineer for Hybrid Cloud on Power, that answers six of the most frequent questions we hear from clients and developers.

Joe has also authored a white paper on the Journey to Hybrid Cloud on Power that is available on IBM Developer website for Hybrid Cloud Solutions on Power. And for a deeper dive into OpenShift and Cloud Paks on Power, Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks on IBM Power Systems: Volume 1 Redbooks is now available.


We look forward to working with new customers and business partners to make their first deployments a reality and to helping existing OpenShift on Power clients exploit the innovative new capabilities in OpenShift 4.3. When you are ready to get started, OpenShift 4.3 for Power Systems is now available from Red Hat to download and install in your own IT environment along with installation documentation.