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This meetup had featured sessions on data as well as performance, availability, and security. It was organized in co-operation with IBM Academy of Technology and the (IBM Internal) PREVail conference, and included speakers from around the world. We had organized the meetup across two rooms in the Watson IoT center – a great venue. We had four sessions in that meetup:

Case study: Performance and availability of a retail cloud application from a peak holiday season

What can go wrong when your cloud offering transaction volume increases more than 30 times during the holiday season? How can the SRE (site reliability engineering) team proactively support such a load? IBM Order Management On Cloud (OMoC) is a highly customizable SaaS solution that gives optimized visibility to retailers’ global inventory. A typical implementation will have multiple integrations with external systems. This session covered lessons learned from the last holiday season’s peak business and enables you to handle such situations.

Speakers: Bobby Thomas (Performance Analyst), Viji Bashyam (Senior Performance Architect)

Resiliency lessons from the Apollo missions to the moon

July 2019 marked 50 years since the first humans set foot on the moon. There are many lessons that can be learned from NASA’s efforts. Moments before the historic landing of Apollo 11, the spacecraft computer started throwing errors and basically restarting every few seconds. The astronauts and mission control had to make split-second decisions and trust in the resiliency of the systems. After the mission, all of these problems were collected as flight anomalies, analyzed, root causes were found, and remediations were prepared so that the problems would not reoccur. This session presented a number of stories of the flight anomalies from the Apollo era and explained their relevance as learning stories for the modern era of computing too.

Speaker: Robert Barron (Senior Management Consultant, specializing in SRE and ChatOps)

Performance case study of customer applications deployed on (IBM) Cloud

There are many customers who are adopting (IBM) Cloud for their digital journey. These customers are adopting different cloud technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Istio. Some of these customers are migrating their traditional on-premise applications to the cloud, and some are developing and deploying new cloud-native applications. This session shared experiences and understanding of performance, scalability, and resiliency issues encountered in real customer scenarios and how we solved them.

Speaker: Surya Duggirala (IBM Cloud Platform Engineering Guild Leader)

Data governance production data

Recent studies show that most DACH companies are convinced of the benefits of Industry 4.0 and big data, but only a few implemented more than a pilot project so far. This is often due to the lack of insufficient data, not due to missing data analysis capabilities. Data governance introduces an organizational structure, dedicated expert roles, collaboration processes, and data documentation to provide data scientists and analysts with the data they need. It serves as an important prerequisite to enable value-generating Industry 4.0 as well as data lakes for production data.

Speaker: Jakob Kinghorst (Consultant Internet of Things / Watson IoT Consulting Practice)