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Play this multi-player dungeon crawler game where you write code to control your character.

Are you a developer who likes gaming? Or a gamer who wants to expand your development skills? What if you could code and conquer a game at the same time?

Introducing Rogue Cloud, a game where players around the globe play in real time and interact together in a shared, top-down 2D virtual world. But unlike a traditional game that you control with a game controller, keyboard, or mouse, you are actually writing code in Rogue Cloud to control your characters as they explore and interact with the game world.

But watch out: your character is not alone in the game world. Not only will you see other players playing the game alongside you (and they are competing with you over the same equipment and items!), but the world itself is teeming with monsters ready to take any opportunity to attack you and your character.

Develop your Rogue Cloud character with Microclimate

Rogue Cloud is best played from within Microclimate, our free, cloud-native development environment. Microclimate is used to develop container-based Java®, Node, Swift, Go, and Python applications. With Microclimate, all application development occurs inside Docker from day one, which makes it easy to transition your applications to a containerized production environment, such as Kubernetes.

Microclimate lets you build applications with Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, or a Web browser-based code editor, integrating alongside these environments to allow you to use your favorite integrated development environment (IDE) for the job. Microclimate can be installed either on your local laptop/desktop or directly into IBM Cloud™ Private for the full cloud IDE experience.

Features that set Microclimate apart from other cloud-native development environments:

  • A fast development inner loop: Make a code change and immediately see the result in real time in your application.
  • Integrated Jenkins-based DevOps pipeline for pushing to IBM Cloud Private / IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service: Once your application is ready for production, use our integrated Jenkins-based DevOps pipeline to deploy it to Kubernetes as a Helm chart.
  • Polyglot development environment with code intelligence in real time: Support for many languages and runtimes, all within one cohesive UI, and including intelligent code completion through language server protocol (LSP) server extensions.
  • A sleek, modern UI: Focused on setting you up quickly, with a low barrier to entry.

To get started playing the game, install Microclimate and import the Rogue Cloud GitHub repository. Rogue Cloud runs as a Liberty-based Java microservice inside a Docker container, which is deployed and managed by Microclimate. As you play the game, the Rogue Cloud game server (running on the IBM Cloud) communicates the state of the game world to all players in realtime, via JSON events communicated through a two-way WebSocket connection between the server and the client (your character).

Rogue Cloud is fully open source and available from our Rogue Cloud GitHub repository, if you’d like to see the technical details that make this game possible.

Play against your friends (or your rivals) and may the best code win

How do you win a round of Rogue Cloud? The code that you write controls your character behavior, so you need to write the best code to survive. The first goal is to get through a full 5-minute round without your character dying. This is a greater challenge than it might sound, as your character starts with only 250 HP (health points). While the game does have healing potions, your character must explore to find them as they are scattered throughout the world.

Once you survive to the end of the round, start honing your character code to maximize your score. To win, your code must answer tough questions, such as: Which gear is best for me? Which monsters are too strong for me to kill (before I get better gear) and which are not worth my time? Should I save this healing potion to the end of the round or use it now? Can I steal equipment from other players playing the game?

With Microclimate, you code in real time with immediate code changes that are reflected in your character’s actions.

After a round ends, each player’s score is posted to our global leaderboard that displays your score. Scores are based on how many monsters you killed (and how tough they were), how long you were able to survive, and your overall gear score. Can you beat the all-time scores of our best Rogue Cloud players?

Get started

It’s quick and easy to start playing. No coding is required to get up and running, as we set you up with a fully functional sample character. From there, it’s up to you to sharpen your code to improve the character’s skill.

To learn more about Rogue Cloud and Microclimate, and get started played, visit our website:

Want to hone your coding skills before attempting the game? Then head on over to IBM Cloud Private on IBM Developer for tutorials, code patterns, and more. For a quick start on IBM Cloud Private, complete the learning path.