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A Call for Code global finalist from the United States makes standing in line safer than ever

Safe Queue is the 2nd runner up in the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge and will receive $25K.

Nowadays, standing in lines can have some serious consequences. Whether it’s maintaining six feet of social distance, or wearing a mask correctly, some people continue to not follow current directives — and this can put people at risk. From the trip to the grocery store to picking up medicine from the local pharmacy, we soon realize how integral standing in lines truly is as we shop for daily or weekly essentials. With lines now being moved outdoors to maintain reduced occupancy counts in the respective building, people are not only at risk of the COVID-19 virus, but weather conditions as well.

This is where Safe Queue comes into play. Safe Queue is a simple app that works using QR codes and your location to hold your place in line while you wait nearby, say in a car in a parking lot. After you get within 1000 feet of your destination, Safe Queue uses your GPS location data to allow you to add yourself to a virtual queue. You can stay a safe distance away from the location, even remaining in your car while tracking your spot in line. When it’s your turn, you can approach the establishment, and the person operating the door can confirm your entry based on a QR code issued by the Safe Queue app. You can then enter the building without ever having to physically wait in a queue. The app is built on simplicity and privacy. At no point is any personal information collected. When it’s your turn to enter, you simply show your phone at the front of the line and can gain access — no registration required.

The app comes from Dave Chura, Founder of Enclayve, who got his inspiration from Lady Gaga to turn his passion into purpose and participate in the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge. Using technologies like IBM® Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloudant, and HERE technologies, Dave Chura looks to expand his solution so that it can have applications in many different environments. Because of its simplicity, it can help anywhere a queue is needed without a defined timed appointment, such as waiting to get on a ride at a theme park or even cutting out the line at the deli counter in a grocery store.

Safe Queue makes buying goods, and getting from point A to point B easier and safer than ever before.

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