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A large number of IBM software and services rely on IBM Semeru Runtimes technology to provide a solid foundation for IBM and many other Fortune 500 companies operating across a wide range of industry sectors. The runtimes are rigorously exercised across numerous architectures and operating systems, from desktops running Windows, Linux, or macOS to servers such as IBM Power Systems, IBM Z system mainframes, and X86 systems.

IBM provides high-quality production-ready runtimes that meet the most demanding quality standards in the Java ecosystem. IBM stands behind that statement with optional commercial support available with IBM Runtimes for Business, offering flexible licensing to fit your needs.

The IBM Semeru Runtimes leverage Eclipse OpenJ9 technology to achieve faster startup and footprint than competing runtimes. Performance is regularly monitored and optimized when running most popular Java frameworks, such as Open Liberty, Quarkus, and Spring Boot.

Release builds pass the full suite of open tests that are available from the Eclipse AQAvit project, which is part of the Eclipse Adoptium working group. AQAvit testing imposes a rigorous quality check on Java runtimes to ensure that they are production-ready. Test coverage includes a variety of application test suites and focuses on reliability, security, resilience, and performance. IBM is a major contributor to this project, alongside others such as Red Hat and Microsoft. Check out the quality yourself by downloading and test-driving a free version of the IBM Semeru Runtimes today.

Learn more about IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition, the first member of the IBM Semeru Runtimes family, in this blog post.