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Join IBM and Red Hat at a NearForm event: Node Core + Broken Promises workshop

Node.js developers, join us for NearForm Presents: Node Core + Broken Promises workshop on 31 March 2021, 13:00 UTC to hear about events, promises, observability in Kubernetes, community happenings and more.

Get up-to-date on latest Node.js developments with these talks

  • The Unsung Story of Events, Streams and Promises, presented by Matteo Collina. Learn what’s changed in Node.js with managing promises, events, and streams.
  • Consuming New Node.js Observability Features in Kubernetes Environments, presented by Alex Alykiotis and Luke Holmquist. Hear about new observability metrics provided by the Node.js runtime including some new additions and how you can consume these in a Kubernetes environment.
  • What’s Next? The Future of Node.js, presented by Joe Sepi, Michael Dawson, and Bethany Griggs. Learn about new features in the latest version of Node.js, strategic initiates in the Node.js community, and how to leverage the new technology in Node

Sharpen your skills in these workshops

The day ends with the Broken Promises Workshop where James Snell and Matteo Collina where they walk you, step by step, through how to use promises the right way. Walk through hands-on exercises and puzzles to learn the ins and outs of developing with Promises in Node.js.

The following day, join us for an additional workshop run by IBM and Red Hat: Kubernetes for JavaScript developers, presented by Joel Lord. Use hands-on lab examples to learn to build and deploy cloud-native Node.js applications on Kubernetes. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be deploying, scaling, and automating JS-based distributed solutions using containers, Kubernetes, and other popular open source tools for distributed computing.

This inaugural event is sponsored by Red Hat. This quarterly event is presented by NearForm and hosted by IBM. Next quarter’s event sponsor is TBD.