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Today Red Hat and IBM announced the launch of Red Hat Marketplace, a one-stop-shop to find, try, buy, deploy, and manage enterprise applications across an organization’s hybrid IT infrastructure, including on-premises and multicloud environments. Red Hat Marketplace gives developers a streamlined view of software that is certified to work in Kubernetes container environments and minimizes red tape for developer managers.

I’m excited for how this helps lift the burden for enterprise developers who are being asked to develop strong, secure, compliant apps in hybrid cloud environments. Being able to choose from selected products that reliably run on Red Hat OpenShift frees developers up to worry less about their guard-rails, and focus on delivering more innovative solutions.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that Red Hat Marketplace offers to developers and to partners who offer their products on the marketplace.

Develop using Red Hat Marketplace

By using software from Red Hat Marketplace, you can write code once and deploy it using familiar Kubernetes operators.

Choose from a wide range of product offerings

Red Hat Marketplace offers a wide range of software offerings, all integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. You can choose from certified products that cover a wide range of categories, including AI and machine learning, databases, monitoring, networking, storage, security, and many others.

Deliver CI/CD capabilities

When you build container-based solutions with Red Hat Marketplace products, you can pull these solutions into your DevOps pipeline using OpenShift or Kubernetes commands. The ability to pull software onto any cluster or set up a CI/CD pipeline positions you to deliver innovation in your applications. Software developers reap the benefits of this level of automation — they can quickly and easily deploy building blocks they need to create solutions.

Focus on code, not infrastructure

With Red Hat Marketplace, you have a curated source to access containerized software that is certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift. The software is delivered and managed with operators, which simplify the processes around installing, deploying, and managing distributed software, consistently and at scale. This means you can develop your applications with confidence, knowing that the apps you create will run on Red Hat OpenShift in any cloud environment.

Enjoy a low-cost of entry

Red Hat Marketplace allows products to be offered with hourly pricing, enabling experimentation and agility in early-stage development projects.

Purchase within Red Hat OpenShift console

With purchases readily accessible on Red Hat OpenShift consoles—in familiar tiles—and continuous 24/7/365 support, developers can have new software up and running smoothly when you need it.

Offer your product on Red Hat Marketplace

To put your product on Red Hat marketplace, you would deliver your technology via operators. Operators come in various capability or maturity levels. The basic operators will provision and configure application resources in a repeatable way on Red Hat OpenShift.

Higher maturity levels bring in the ability to automatically patch and perform version upgrades, recovery from failures, instrument them for logging and alerting, and finally handling advanced tasks of scaling and tuning of the deployment.

When you’re developing your operators for Red Hat Marketplace, you want to develop fully mature operators that give developers the biggest benefit. Offering capabilities related to security and DevOps in your operators is designed to give you a distinct advantage and make your operators more enticing to use.

If you’re looking to reach more developers with your operators, please send an email to degcloud@us.ibm.com with the subject “Red Hat Marketplace”, so we can add you to a slack channel where you can get more information.

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