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Give your apps the security, resilience, and scalability necessary to withstand the challenges of a disaster.

Ensuring that sensitive data is secure is top of mind for everyone, particularly when working with sensitive health data. Hyper protect cloud services built on IBM LinuxONE take security to the next level. This DBaaS service brings inherent data encryption both at rest and in flight without any application changes, and unlike other DBaaS cloud services it ensures that you are the only one with access to your data. The Crypto service allows you to maintain complete control over encryption key management where cloud admins have no access to the keys.

When disasters happen, the tech used to support relief teams in the field must be resilient, secure, and able to scale immediately. Seconds count and quick action can save lives. It’s not enough to just build applications that can be used in times of disaster; you need to ensure that those applications have the quality of services necessary to withstand the challenges that can arise during a disaster, such as sudden peaks in demand and malicious attempts to exploit the situation. For disaster survivors, the last thing they need is to have their sensitive data stolen, potentially destroying their ability to obtain critical medical care and financial assistance to rebuild and recover. First responders and disaster relief organizations need to know that the applications they rely on to speed response effectiveness before, during, and after a disaster provide reliable service — downtime and latency are not an option.

To help differentiate and harden your application to withstand the rigors of disaster, the IBM Hyper Protect family of services can provide the required back-end quality of services quickly and easily.

  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services enable developers to easily infuse security with data encryption and key management capabilities into their applications. This service is unique as it puts key management into your hands and not the cloud service provider’s, all without application changes. The service supports secure key operations and random number generation via IBM LinuxONE cryptographic hardware behind the scenes. This is the only Cloud Hardware Security Module solution that’s built with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified technology offered by a public cloud provider.
  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS is designed to protect database services, such as MongoDB–EE, with data stores that are security-rich and private. This elevated secure DBaaS allows data owners to maintain complete control over their data; cloud admins can never access customer data, and application developers can easily provision secure data stores for sensitive data without specialized DBA skills or having to encrypt data before sending it to the database. All data is encrypted without application changes. This is ideal for apps in highly regulated industries and those that contain sensitive personal data (SPI) such as individual health and community well being.
  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Containers enable developers to deploy Kubernetes workloads on a highly secure platform built for confidential computing.

By thinking beyond the application functionality itself and considering the environment surrounding its use, you can take your application to the next level. With the highest quality of services underpinning your application, it can be ready when disaster strikes — because people are counting on it!

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