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Must-read resources and honorable mentions

Six months, four blogs, three videos, two conference presentations, and one amazing partnership — that is how I would describe the IBM and Cloudera partnership so far. This blog post highlights some of the best developer-focused resources to help you leverage your data to build AI-enabled applications.

Earlier this year, IBM and Cloudera announced that they would partner together to create a new joint offering: Cloudera Data Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, bringing together two leading data platforms. The benefits of using boths platforms are outlined in the various product pages and focused on security, scalability, and, of course, combining the best technologies for data and AI.

Soon after, a few of us on the IBM Developer and Hybrid Cloud Build Team were tasked with testing the products, building PoCs for customers, and creating assets to be consumed by external audiences.

Below are our top five resources for learning about the IBM and Cloudera partnership. Before we get into it, I would like to give a shout-out to the folks that made it possible: Tim Robinson, Brett Coffmann, Dave Fowler, Marc Chisinevski, and Erik Beebe. Let’s get started!

5. Integrating Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

What’s a better way to start than with an overview? This introductory blog is the first in a series published by the team. The blog post explains the various major components used by each platform and how they communicate with each other. It’s one of the longer blogs in this list, but balances the technical aspects well without going too deep. Definitely a good starting point to get familiar on the partnership.

4. Streaming data to Cloudera and reading from IBM Cloud

The ability to manage streams of data is becoming increasingly important as new use cases keep popping up. Between tracking real-time stock trades, up-to-the-minute retail inventory management, and ride-sharing apps, streaming data is here to stay and will only grow in usage. The Cloudera Data Platform includes a streaming package that integrates seamlessly with IBM products. The blog post below describes how to set up SQL Steam Builder (SSB) to integrate with various IBM offerings, such as Databases for PosgresSQL, DataStage, and even IBM Cloud Object Storage.

3. 40 minutes of live demonstrations on

In late October 2021, we performed a livestream on, which that was also streamed to Youtube and Twitter. We started the presentation talking about the two platforms and the value of combining them. Then, at the 35-minute mark, we dive into over 40 minutes of hands-on demos that showcase integration points between Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

2. CTO series: Omkar Nimbalkar and Nadeem Asghar

This video includes IBM Vice President Omkar Nimbalkar and Cloudera CTO Nadeem Asghar as they talk about the business value of the Cloudera and IBM partnership, what they are seeing in the field from customers, and how they see the technology landscape changing in the next few years.

1. 10 demos in 10(ish) minutes

If you don’t have the time to see the entire livestream above, then this video is for you. It’s a whistlestop tour for seeing how Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data work together. Seeing is believing, and in just over 10 minutes, you’ll see 10 different features from the platforms.

And five honorable mentions

  • Installing on IBM Cloud — This blog post details how we installed Cloudera Data Platform on IBM Cloud with open source Ansible playbooks provided by Cloudera.
  • Demo video — This video covers a use case of a data analyst at a fictional retailer where she must create a report that pulls data from two different sources: one in Db2, running on IBM Cloud Pak for Data; and one in Hive, running on Cloudera Data Platform. Tools such as BigSQL and Cognos Analytics are covered in the video.
  • Streaming with Flink — This video accompanies the SQL Stream Builder blog post, going over all the relevant configuration and setup that the user needs to do.
  • Lessons learned — This blog post details some of the lessons learned and best practices we encountered as we maintained our environment for many months.
  • Omkar’s slide deck — Nadeem Asghar and Omkar Nimbalkar presented a joint keynote session at the Chief Data & Analytics Officer Fall 2021 virtual summit.

Thanks for reading! We hope you learned more about the IBM and Cloudera partnership. You can learn even more about the Cloudera Data Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Data by checking out the product page or by visiting the IBM Hybrid Data Management Community to post questions and talk to our experts.