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Today's mainframe developers are a widely diverse group of people who use their skills to solve a broad range of challenges.

At first glance it looks like my grandfather robbed a bank. His black-and-white photo shows him immaculately turned out in suit and tie, perfect posture, and unsmiling face against a background of graduated lines reflecting the subject’s height. It is similar to a photo the FBI would utilize for a wanted posted, but this is his IBM badge from 1940’s Endicott, NY. At that time workers looked, dressed, acted, and probably even thought alike.

A lot has changed in the nearly 80 years since this photo was taken. Today’s developers are a rich, diverse group of people representing every age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and sub-culture. It is through this combination of life experiences that we build top-notch designs to previously insurmountable problems facing society in times of disasters.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Take a look at a series of videos we put together highlighting some of the new talent from across the industry. You’ll find interviews with function testers, application programmers, system capacity planners, database programmers, and more representing talent from several major companies.

Armed with such a talented workforce, these companies are able to define problems, brainstorm and build solutions, and continually improve those solutions until they are resilient against disasters. Varied perspectives lead to a robust solution that will survive disasters and enable recovery of individual health and community well-being — solutions even my grandfather would be proud of.

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