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Discover, Try, Play with the most secure workload environment possible at IBM Z Day

IBM Z Day is now over. The November 21 event was a huge success, but you can still view the conference on demand.

Developers want to use languages and tools they know. They want their development platform to offer unmatched speed, security, data privacy, and resiliency so they can concentrate on problem solving — even better if the services come from a large open source portfolio.

IBM Z provides that. Proven for decades to meet the needs of developers in top financial institutions, governments, airlines, insurance companies, and beyond, IBM Z enables organizations of all sizes to keep their sensitive data highly secure. It’s all here: app modernization using the latest open-source tooling, paired with enterprise-ready hardware for your DevOps and cloud-native solutions. These are the keys to building the next generation of secure, private, and resilient infrastructures — infrastructures that are also easy for developers to build and maintain.

Some key upcoming releases will provide additional tools to for Z developers. OpenShift for Z will bring in the expertise of Red Hat and the Kubernetes community. The ability to run IBM Cloud Paks on Z will give you unprecedented ease of use and the additional flexibility that comes with using a hybrid cloud solution. Finally, additional Hyper Protect Services in IBM Cloud will let you take advantage of the encryption and security strengths of IBM Z, again with the ease of a cloud solution.

On November 21 at IBM Z Day, I’ll share how IBM Z and LinuxONE are more essential and relevant than ever in today’s digital landscape.

Join us for a jam-packed day that includes a comprehensive introduction to IBM Z, as well as content for individuals already familiar with the platform, in a series of three tracks:

  1. In the IBM Z Track, sessions range from a tour of the latest z15 hardware to cloud-native and DevOps talks.
  2. In the Open Z Track, we highlight the work of the Open Mainframe Project and their flagship project Zowe; Linux distribution offerings from SUSE, Red Hat, and Canonical; as well as sessions on OpenShift coming to Z and open source software development on Z.
  3. Finally, in the Global Z Track, we bring together users of IBM Z and voices from the broader technology community to speak on topics that impact all technologies, including people-centered design, sustainable development, and diversity.

Find out how you can be more productive using tools you already know, as well as a few new ones. As more open source software comes to IBM Z every month, we’re quickly seeing the landscape change as new developers get to use their current expertise on enterprise systems, and the enterprise tooling itself increasingly supports DevOps methodologies and cloud-native solutions. In addition, the IBM Z Open Editor for Visual Studio Code (which was introduced in September) brings a familiar environment for developing on IBM Z, and the new IBM Z Open Development provides the toolset you need to work with an open DevOps toolchain.

I’m looking forward to discussing all of this with you at IBM Z Day on November 21. In the meantime, get hands-on experience with free, open access to an enterprise-ready Linux environment with IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud.

We hope you can join us. Learn more and register here.