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Find key resources for developers who are enabling open source technology on the mainframe

Modern application developers on IBM Z are at the epicenter of groundbreaking innovation across industries. They make up a diverse, global group working with powerful, foundational technology that drives many of our day-to-day experiences. The financial services, travel, and healthcare industries are undergoing radical transformation. Enterprise developers who specialize in mainframe are facing exciting opportunities as they embark on their careers — but they need more support. My role at IBM is to make sure that we’re equipping developers like you with the tools and resources you need to foster innovation and strengthen our community, so you can meet the heightened expectations you face at work each day.

Today we’re announcing the “New to Z” community, along with new technical resources for IBM Z developers on the IBM Z developer hub. There, you’ll find articles, code patterns, tutorials, free trials, and blogs for developers who are enabling open source technologies on the mainframe.

With this launch, we’re not just offering you educational resources on IBM Z — we’re putting open source tools and technologies into your hands so you can get started right away:

  • With the LinuxONE Community Cloud, anyone new to IBM Z can sign up for 120-day free and easy trial access to develop, test, or run open source applications on a LinuxONE virtual machine.
  • We’ve brought open technologies such as Ansible to z/OS and Kubernetes via OpenShift to IBM Z developers, including a new OpenShift trial on the LinuxONE Community Cloud.
  • We maintain a strong, collaborative relationship with the Open Mainframe Project, which not only provides a home for mainframe projects at The Linux Foundation, but also forums, mailing lists, chats, and other resources for developers.
  • We’ve also curated open and modern toolsets and compatibility with the languages you use most like Node.JS, Python for z/OS, and the upcoming release of Go for z/OS.
  • Additionally, we offer a set of resources for cloud-native development on Z.
  • If you have a specific open source interest, we hope you’ll check out our communities for open source software and Linux on Z and LinuxONE.

IBM Z is embracing open technologies and fueling digital transformation. Demand for mainframe developers in the global workforce has never been stronger, and we’re excited to welcome those of you who are New to Z or interested in advancing your skills. There are new innovations being added to the mainframe every day, so there’s no limit to what you can learn. I hope you’ll join the New to Z community, and let us know how you’re using these tools and resources to build the next great innovations.

To learn more about the latest mainframe developments, be sure to:

  • Register for IBM Z Day on September 15, which features five content-rich tracks and more than 50 sessions and demos led by industry thought leaders and subject matter experts who share their expertise and first-hand knowledge.
  • Check out the The Open Mainframe Summit, September 16-17.