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Introducing Bluemix: The IBM Cloud Platform

Bluemix is a cloud platform to help companies build and run highly scalable modern apps and services. Learn about the IBM Cloud Platform.

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  • express-no-stress: Build awesome APIs with Express.js and Swagger
    This brief article shows you how to build Software as a Service using Node.js along with best-of-breed technologies and approaches. It introduces a generator that can be used to quickly scaffold a new API application built on Express.js. This scaffolding provides structured logging, API request validation, interactive API documentation, environment-driven co […]
  • Creating a sentiment signal for publicly traded firms by using IBM Watson on Bluemix
    This tutorial explains how our team used IBM Bluemix, the Watson Natural Language Understanding API, crawled web data, and Twitter data to create a web page to track the aggregated sentiment signal for several publicly traded firms. We also give two possible uses of this data in equity research. […]
  • Make the most of container technology with the IBM Bluemix Container Service API
    As containers play an increasingly prominent role in information technology, Docker continues to grow in importance. More and more, IT design teams are looking to Docker as the basis for their architecture. To keep pace with this container movement, IBM has released its own container solution, the IBM Bluemix Container Service, based on Docker. This article […]

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