IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) updates are now released as quarterly cumulative fixes to enable you to get the latest fixes and product enhancements with a simple in-place upgrade. IBM BPM 8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.03 is now available for you to download and upgrade today. Key highlights are outlined below. See Knowledge Center for full details.

BPM on Cloud enhanced to accelerate your process initiatives

  • Use the IBM Client Success Portal for managing operational and technical support issues.
  • Easily trade up from the recently released Express edition to the full version of BPM on Cloud within the same instance when you need to grow.

Coaches expanded for interactive business UIs

  • Enhances BPM coaches with a new UI event framework and tooling based on the Salient Process SPARK technology, proving the foundation to embed the SPARK UI controls in a future update to IBM BPM.
  • Develop logic for UI events attached to coach views (custom and/or SPARK UI toolkit), including validations, formula-based computations, and interactions.

Process Designer updated for rapid delivery of process apps with low coding

  • Now provides complete end-to-end authoring of process apps via the web Process Designer, accessible via browser.
  • Offers a new auto-save feature, enhanced Blueworks Live integration, a new Heritage Human Services web editor to bring your existing apps forward, and more…

Administration tools improved to streamline your operation

  • Better maintain your BPM environments with new housekeeping features, diagnostic capabilities, and simplified administration for Process Federation Server.

IBM Cloud Product Insights, now open for business, provides a cloud service to register and track IBM software products

  • Updated experimental driver to use BPM with Product Insights.

New BPM Analytics capabilities empower managers, business analysts, and process owners to improve business operations through visibility and insight with big data & analytics

  • Enhanced Dynamic Event Framework for BPMN process apps provides high-performance business events to integrate with 3rd party big data & analytics.
  • Experimental sample using open source Elasticsearch/Kibana for real-time business process reporting and analytics.

New supported environments include Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and z/VM 6.4.

See the IBM BPM support site for a full details of supported configurations…

IBM BPM Advanced
IBM BPM Standard
IBM BPM Express

5 comments on"IBM BPM 8.5.7 CF2017.03 will be available on 31 March 2017"

  1. MikeZilbergleyt March 31, 2017

    Hi Dennis,

    Does this mean the SPARK UI toolkit officially bluewashed and shipped with BPM?
    Does BPM customer still need to purchase SPARK licenses?



    • DennisParrott March 31, 2017

      Not quite yet. We have been working in collaboration with Salient Process to make updates to the SPARK UI toolkit and IBM BPM over the past 9 months in preparation to roll the SPARK UI toolkit into IBM BPM in a future BPM release. Salient Process have been rolling out incremental updates in new releases of their SPARK UI toolkit throughout this period. We also updated the BPM theme in BPM 8.5.7 CF2016.12 in December to be compatible with the SPARK UI toolkit, and we have incorporated the SPARK UI event framework in BPM 8.5.7 CF2017.03 in March. Salient Process will subsequently release another version of the SPARK UI toolkit that will use the embedded event framework. We currently plan to embed the SPARK UI controls in IBM BPM by the end of June. NOTE: all future plans are subject to change, so customers should be aware that this is our intention, but not a guarantee. Once the controls are embedded in IBM BPM then customers will be able to upgrade to take advantage of this under the BPM license. Existing SPARK UI toolkit customers will be able to upgrade – the intention is to make this as seamless as possible to minimize manual migration steps. Customers on older BPM releases will still be able to purchase the SPARK UI toolkit with IBM Enhanced Support, so they can leverage these amazing capabilities.

  2. Oscar David May 19, 2017

    What About the The Responsive Coaches (AngularJS) ?

    • DennisParrott May 24, 2017

      Once IBM BPM includes embedded SPARK UI controls within a new BPM UI toolkit then these will become the default stock controls. Customers using older controls like DOJO, Angular JS, or their own custom controls will still be able to use these as before.

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