IBM® Digital Business Automation V18 delivers a simple way to acquire and utilize key offerings from across the IBM portfolio to digitize all aspects of business operations, which include workflow, decisions, content, and data capture.

This offering includes simplified packaging and licensing that is based upon Processor Value Units (PVUs). The PVU entitlements that are purchased can be used across each of the products in the offering according to clients’ needs. This can help to simplify planning for adoption and growth of new business automation solutions.

In the current competitive marketplace, digital companies use software automation to achieve higher revenue per employee than their traditional counterparts. Automation maximizes revenue per employee by reinventing the client experience while reducing costs. Digital Business Automation delivers essential bundled capabilities to digitize all aspects of business operations, by extending the workforce with digital labor to enable businesses to scale:

  • Workflow. IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) and IBM Case Manager automate processes and cases for agility, visibility, and consistency across business operations. In March an update for V18.1 also supported IBM Business Automation Workflow.
  • Decisions. IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) automates policies and decisions by managing millions of business rules and enabling rapid business change.In March V18.1 supported the new version of ODM.
  • Content. IBM FileNet® Content Manager provides enterprise content management to enable secure access, collaboration support, content synchronization and sharing, and mobile support to engage users over all channels and devices.
  • Data capture. IBM Datacap automates data extraction from documents, by capturing relevant business data from millions of documents to enable essential business operations.

There are both Enterprise and Express editions of the offering so it can be used for both medium and large businesses. It provides perpetual licensing and is for on premise use.

Consider using this if you have

  • one of the offerings above and are considering purchasing other offerings to enhance enterprise automation
  • multiple offerings and would like a simpler way to manage and scale your business

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  1. Does this offer include Robotic Process Automation?

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