As all of you have seen here, we announced a new product called IBM Business Automation Workflow V18.0 on March 13 2018. If you looked closely you would have seen that IBM Business Automation Workflow combines both Case Manager (and Case Foundation) and IBM BPM into one product that offers the comprehensive set of capabilities of Case Manager, Case Foundation and IBM BPM. This is our new strategic direction for our Workflow offerings as we have seen market demand for a unified offering. We have seen growing need for use cases that require the combination of these capabilities together and have already received positive feedback on this.

To implement this direction and provide the ability for more consumers of these offerings to gain the benefit from the extended capability there was an announcement on April 10 where that IBM announced the end of marketing for the individual Case Manager, Case Foundation and IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) offerings. You may have wondered what and thought, what is going on? How will this affect me ? Is IBM getting out of the process and case business? Well I am here to connect the dots for you.

Absolutely Not.

So now you may ask well how do I get there and do I need to migrate?

The good news is all Case Manager, Case Foundation and IBM BPM customers are entitled to get to IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW). In the combining of these products we have been very careful to implement a no migration policy, so that as we add new capabilities in Business Automation Workflow, all of your existing solutions will run without any rework. Moving from the latest levels of ICM or BPM to BAW can be performed using an in-place upgrade and is effectively the same as applying your next ICM fix/feature pack or BPM Cumulative Fix. Please contact your IBM Seller for more details on adopting this enhanced new offering.

But what if I am not ready to go to the next level yet?

Not to worry; we have not declared end of service for the latest levels of Case Manager, Case Foundation and IBM BPM. You can still remain on those levels and get normal IBM support.

I am very excited about the journey we are on and look forward to many more years of working with all of you on industry leading workflow offerings from IBM.

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