We would like to thank all of our loyal users of the BPM Developer Center over the past few years. IBM Business Process Manager which has recently been combined with IBM Case Manager as the IBM Business Automation Workflow offering is a key part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business and we have had many requests to make it easier for users of our workflow capability to learn more about the whole automation platform as well.

We are very pleased to announce that this is now possible in the new Digital Business Automation User Community which is part of the IBM Community initiative.

This also includes a “Workflow” group for users of IBM Business Automation Workflow, IBM BPM or IBM Case Manager and we have already migrated most of the up to date content from the BPM Developer Center, so you will not lose access the content that you like to use.

The BPM Developer Center will not be withdrawn immediately, but no new content or articles will be added whilst you get used to using the new User Community

How can you learn more about new User Community ?

Read the Welcome or Get involved sections

What new features does the new User Community have ?

  • A join feature for the community. Here is where you can join the Workflow group
  • New discussions section to interact with your peers
  • More visible user communities
  • Information about Digital Business Automation platform and all its capabilities
  • Latest news and events for users

What content has been migrated ?

We hope you enjoy the new User Community

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