• What you can find here

    Overview The Docs section on the BPM Developer Center is a supplement to the official documentation for IBM Business Automation Workflow Knowledge Center or BPM Knowledge Center. What you can find here While the type of content you can find here is constantly evolving, generally Docs will fall into one of the following categories: *…

  • Capabilities & Architecture

    This section is designed to provide information to complement what is in IBM Business Automation Workflow and BPM Knowledge Centers. This can be added under Architecture, Process or Case sections. Case section was added in May 2018 as its a key capability in Business Automation Workflow

  • Design Patterns

    Introduction IBM BPM provides a number of generic artifacts for modeling purposes. These can be combined in a variety of ways in order to solve different technical problems. A design pattern is used to document how a combination of model artifacts may be used together in order to solve a specific technical problem. Unlike a…

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

    This section aids readers for getting started with different IBM BPM and Business Automation Workflow releases

  • Good Practices

    These good practices, representing the collective wisdom from IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) development, practitioners, business partners, and other IBMers, apply to all IBM BPM editions. Good practice Category Editions Applies to IBM BPM on cloud Y/N Avoid excessive use of server-side JavaScript Performance All Y Avoid large business objects in a process or service…

  • Tips & Tricks

    This is a new section added in 2018. There are some excellent guidance on using Case capability as well as Process

  • Solutions

    Solutions is where we document some of the joint integrations and use cases between IBM Business Automation Workflow or IBM BPM with other IBM products to demonstrate what can be achieved

  • Tutorials

    We have a number of tutorials available to get you started with IBM BPM. Hiring tutorial In this tutorial, you use the tools in IBM® Process Designer to re-create the Hiring Sample process application that is in IBM Process Center. Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide Not specifically a tutorial, but this guide gets you all…

  • Upgrades and Migration

    These documents relate to helping you stay current on the latest version.

  • IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

    IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere is a relatively new offering from IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA). Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots (or bots) to automate activities that are performed by people, so that they can focus on higher value activities within your business. Typically,…