In this tutorial, depending on whether you have IBM BPM or IBM Business Automation Workflow you use the tools in IBM® Process Designeror IBM Workflow Designer to re-create the Hiring Sample process application that is in IBM Process Center/ Workflow Center.

The Hiring Sample process application that you create using the tutorial is similar to the Hiring Sample process application that is already in Process Center. Most of the differences are minor, but there are some important differences:

  • The tutorial process application does not have the qualifications section and its business object. The sample demonstrates how to use tabs to present the qualifications.
  • The tutorial process application does not have Find Candidates client-side human service.

This tutorial gets you started using Process Designer tool by having you iteratively model and test an instance of a hiring process application. As you complete the lessons, you learn about Process Designer so that you can build your own processes.

Note: This tutorial is a learning exercise that describes one way of modeling, implementing, and testing a process. Depending on your company’s processes and needs, other techniques might be more appropriate.

The tutorial consists of the following lessons:

Each lesson in this tutorial builds on the previous lesson so that you can work with the tutorial from beginning to end.

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2 comments on"Hiring Tutorial"

  1. Hi there, I have a small issue. When I try to run playback 2, in step 2 (Create position request) the drop-down menu for ‘Location’ contains no selection possibilities. All other drop-down menus are filled in correctly, and I have double-checked to make sure that I’ve initialised all variables properly and bound all variables correctly. What could be the issue here?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Ryan Solomon October 01, 2016

      Hi Andreas, I just had the same problem. For those who are also looking to resolve this problem, Here is what i did:

      I bound the ‘Position CV’ to ‘position’ in General properties. However, the Locations list is not from ‘position’, rather the list is stored on ‘requisition’ variable.

      So, to fix this, go to Configuration properties (by default you will see couple of input boxes where you can provide the configurations manually), click the purple icon next to requisition and you should be able to set it to a variable where you stored the values. In this case select ‘requisition’.

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