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Use RPA to trigger an event in a BPM process

Posted: September 22, 2017 Modified: September 22, 2017


In some IBM Business Process Manager scenarios, the outcome of an IBM RPA bot might be relevant for a BPM process instance. In such cases, you might want to notify the process of the outcome of the bot. This sample shows you how to create a bot to extract data from a PDF form, and then invoke an IBM BPM REST API from the bot to send an event that includes the form data to the process instance.

What’s Included?

This project includes the following components:

  • Toolkit for IBM BPM version 8.6.0
  • Scripts for IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere version 10.0
  • Sample Documentation (README)

Additional information

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Cost: No Charge
Support: As-Is
Provider: IBM


Sample Documentation
Sample Assets


IBM BPM V8.6.0 or higher


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