IBM & Turbonomic Present: Observing Application Performance: Strengthening your ARM (Application Resource Management) with AIOps (Part 2)

15/12/2021 6:00 pm ADT

** This event will be conducted in Portuguese ** 

In the last session IBM & Instana Present: Road to Enterprise Observability, we were introduced to the value of Observability. In this exclusive session, by IBM Developer and Turbonomic, we will dive deep into Observability related to application performance. 

As cloud deployments become more complex, tooling to manage application performance and infrastructure becomes more critical. To address this need, Turbonomic created an (Application Resource Management) ARM tool that helps operators understand and manage cloud infrastructure to reduce operating expenses and improve cloud performance.

In this session, designed by IBM Developer and Turbonomic, we will go on a technical deep dive to highlight how AIOps provides highly distributed and dynamic applications the resources they need to perform with ARM. AIOps is the cross-section of Observability and actionability, which helps customers automate to focus on innovation and deliver the best customer experiences.

🎓  In this webinar, attendees will learn about: 
Key concepts and value of AIOps
How ARM brings higher levels of automation to APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solutions such as Instana through AIOps
How Turbonomic Platform works together with Instana platform to monitor and manage OpenShift deployments

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🎙️  Speakers:  
Rafael Todesco, Host, IBM Developer Advocate 
Felipe Freire – AIOps & Management Sales Latin America @ IBM
Luis da Silva – Regional Sales Director, LATAM @ Turbonomic

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