Call for Code® 2019

Over 100,000 developers from 156 nations competed in the Call for Code 2018 Global Challenge.

They built over 2,500 applications with IBM Cloud technology to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

This year, it's your turn. Read our Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge welcome letter.

Catch up with last year's winner, Project Owl

The winner of the first Call for Code Global Award received $200,000, open source project support from The Linux Foundation, an introduction to a venture capital firm, and piloted their solution in Puerto Rico through the Code and Response™ initiative.

Their solution - OWL (Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistics) - is a two-part hardware/software solution. It creates an offline communication infrastructure during natural disasters, giving those in need a simple and reliable interface to request assistance from authorities.

Call for Code 2018 Winners - Project Owl

Do you have big ideas that can create big change?

Call for Code is seeking solutions for this year’s Challenge. Head to the 2019 Challenge Experience and join. You may even see your open source idea implemented through the Code and Response initiative!

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Call for Code is a developer challenge supported by IBM's Code and Response, which is a four-year initiative dedicated to the creation and deployment of open source solutions.

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  • Prizes in 2019

    The winner of the second annual Call for Code Global Award receives:

  • The Call for Code Global Award presented at the Call for Code Award Event.

  • A $200,000 USD cash prize.

  • Open source project support from The Linux Foundation.

  • Meetings with mentors and potential investors.

  • Solution implementation support through Code and Response.

Explore technologies that can be used to build world-changing solutions, then get your hands on the code

Internet of Things

Collect and analyze device sensor data to take corrective or preventative action automatically.

Explore types of disasters and how we can lessen their effects through technology

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Hurricanes and Typhoons



Floods and Storm Surges

Extreme Weather

2019 Challenge: Health and well-being in the wake of natural disasters

When areas are hit by a natural disaster, access to community healthcare is crucial. Creating open source technologies for healthcare can reduce risks of disease, create options for emergency care, improve data and resource availability, and help victims navigate the psychological support needed throughout the crisis.

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