What is Call for Code?

Join a community of 500,000 problem-solvers working on the most pressing issues of our time, while building crucial skills on industry-leading, open hybrid cloud technologies. Learn how to get your project deployed to help vulnerable communities and tap into the power of open source to scale tech-for-good solutions, and join the fight against today’s critical challenges — from climate change to systemic racism.


Call for Code is a global program that invites developers and problem-solvers around the world to build and contribute to sustainable, open source technology projects that address social and humanitarian issues, while ensuring the top solutions are deployed to make a demonstrable difference. 

Created by David Clark Cause and supported by Founding Partner IBM, Charitable Partner United Nations Human Rights Office, and Program Affiliate The Linux Foundation, Call for Code has grown beyond a single global challenge into an always-on, tech-for-good platform with multiple ways to get involved.


Developers, data scientists, and problem solvers have created a unique tech for good community 

180 nations

Contributors from around the world created more than 15,000 apps for humanitarian issues

120+ supporters

Celebrity supporters across the media and entertainment world have advocated for this global effort

2.3 billion

Social voice and reach across platforms ranging from Twitter to LinkedIn

Ways to get involved

Open source projects

The focus of Call for Code open source projects is on addressing the most pressing issues facing our global society, including the profound effects of systemic racism and the global impact of climate change. Discover the current projects below, and learn about the open source technology that powers them. Whether you’re new to open source or already familiar, you can contribute to make these projects even better. It takes a village.

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Call for Code for Racial Justice

Join a motivated community of developers and supporters working to rewrite past and present wrongs and combat systemic racism, wherever it occurs, through open source projects. Your skills and ingenuity can help make a difference in the fight for racial justice.  

Join projects to fight against systemic racism


Most tech-for-good initiatives and hackathons produce many great prototypes, but the story ends there. Every Call for Code winner has a future. Learn about our programmatic approach to deploying the best code with an ecosystem of non-profits, governments, and businesses to bring open source solutions to communities with the greatest need. 

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Global Challenge

The Global Challenge is an annual competition through which teams of diverse thinkers and problem solvers devise solutions to address the world’s most pressing issues. Winners receive cash prizes and comprehensive support to have their solutions deployed to communities in need around the world.

Learn more about the Global Challenge

Who should participate?

There are many ways to get involved with Call for Code, from forming a team and competing in the Global Challenge, to contributing code to existing open source projects. Successful teams require diverse skillsets to build unique solutions or contribute to ideas in development. 

Explore some of the personas often found on Call for Code projects, but remember: there is no one way to build a great team. 


The technical leads of the team. Builders bring the coding background and digital solution know-how to help take the solution from idea to reality.


UX experts ensure the solution is user-friendly and visually appealing. Designers bring creative vision to technical problem solving.


Good communicators help make complex ideas simple and easy to digest. They are essential in articulating the problem and how the team’s solution can make a difference in a profound, unique way.


Thinkers who understand the problem at hand in a truly human way, and are committed to finding a solution to make a demonstrable difference. Humanitarians keep in mind both the communities in need and the individual user.

Partner with Call for Code

Developers who collaborate to create tech-for-good solutions have the power to change the world. But they can’t do it alone. Regardless of your industry, background, skill set, or geography, we need your support and sponsorship to deliver on the vast potential to use technology for global change. Explore the many ways you can partner with Call for Code — whether by providing expertise, problem-solving and technical skills, deploying or adopting projects, or offering financial support through sponsorship. 

As a supporter

Through Call for Code, be a catalyst for change at scale in a tangible way with the development of solutions that can help save our planet. Think about running a Call for Code day for your company or community to get started building solutions.

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As a corporate sponsor

Take your corporate citizenship to the next level, and align your brand with one of the world’s largest and most influential developer movements. Help scale the tech for good movement.

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