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A virtual hackathon for developers worldwide

The 2018 Call for Code winning submission, Project Owl, recently launched their pilot in Puerto Rico and just wrapped up a new launch in Houston, Texas. Call for Code has been an amazing adventure for IBM and the many developers who have already submitted. Now it’s your turn to compete to win the $200K global prize in the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge.

Not only will you get the chance to win some serious money, but you’ll also be spreading awareness about the importance of mitigating impacts from natural disasters. And who knows? Your winning solution could effectively save lives through your code!

Start creating your solution with the virtual hackathon

We know you’re busy, we get it. You have all these ideas swarming in your head, but just haven’t thought of the execution yet. So this year, we want to help you with a Virtual Global Hackathon on June 20-21. There’s no registration involved – just come as you are, where you are. We’ll provide you with livestreams from the IBM Developer Twitch channel, a Slack channel where you can connect with others to form teams, and the necessary resources you need to start building.

Get ready to take the first step and drive your ideas from concept to code in this global hack. And whatever you start building from this event, you can finish after the hackathon ends and submit it as your final proposal for the Call for Code Global Challenge. That means you’ll have from June 21 to July 29 to finesse your idea!

Want to prepare?

Visit the Virtual Global Hackathon site for more details and join the community where you’ll find other like-minded developers.

We can’t wait to see what you create!