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Catching up with Project Owl

By Kevin Allen & Liz Klipp | Updated March 24, 2019 | Published March 22, 2019

Since winning Call for Code 2018, Project Owl is working hard to implement their solution to help aid communications during the next disaster.

How the Sendai Framework aims to reduce the risk of natural disasters

By IBM Developer Staff | Published March 19, 2019

When a natural disaster occurs, the risks can be significant. The Sendai Framework aims to minimize the damages not only to infrastructure, but the loss of life.

Developers are impacting industries and the world - will you?

By Liz Klipp | Published March 13, 2019

If you're a developer, you could help change the world. Learn how you can use your coding skills to make a difference with Call for Code.

Extreme weather is here to stay: How developers can help

By Liz Klipp | Published February 21, 2019

Join Call for Code and see how technology can help communities prepare, respond and recover from these weather events.