Next steps:

Step 1: Join the community

Join our community of over 500,000 developers and problem solvers to build new skills and contribute to racial justice open source projects. You will receive:
– An invite to the dedicated Slack workspace where you can find tips from Call for Code mentors
– Call for Code communications with the latest announcements, events, resources, and more

While you do not need to create an IBM Cloud account, you will have the option to create one, or you can use your existing IBM Cloud account if you have one.

Step 2: Learn about the projects

To tackle the issue of systemic racism, we’ve identified three areas where technology can have the greatest impact: Police & Judicial Reform and Accountability, Diverse Representation, and Policy & Legislation Reform. Explore the topics, get background information on the issues, and use the solution starters to understand where you can make the greatest difference. Looking to adopt and implement a solution in your organization? Learn more about getting involved as a supporter.

Step 3: Find resources

New to open source? Need more background on addressing systemic racism? Get up to speed with these resources:

Get started with open source:
Find tutorials and code patterns

Learn more about the IBM Emb(race) initiative:
View our site

Technical resources on AI, IoT, cloud and more:
View our Technical library

Step 4: Contribute and share

Start contributing to the project of your choice. Solution starters for each project help you understand how you can get involved. Issues can be created and pull requests are made within the project GitHub repos themselves. In the spirit of open source, share your ideas and code with your network. We are always looking for content for the Call for Code Digest : tell us your story for a chance to be featured.