Police & Judicial Reform and Accountability

Police & Judicial Reform and Accountability

From traffic stops and arrests to sentencing and parole decisions, use technology to better analyze real-world data, provide insights, and make recommendations that will drive racial equality and reform across criminal justice and public safety.

Open Sentencing

To help public defenders better serve their clients and make a stronger case, Open Sentencing shows racial bias in data such as demographics. 

Incident Accuracy Reporting System (IARS)

This platform allows witnesses and victims to corroborate evidence or provide additional information from multiple sources against an official police report. 

Police & Judicial Reform and Accountability

Policy & Legislation Reform

Utilize technology to analyze, inform, and develop policy to reform the workplace, products, public safety, and legislation.

Truth Loop

This app helps communities simply understand the policies, regulations, and legislation that will impact them the most.  

Five Fifths Voter

This web app empowers minorities to exercise their right to vote and ensures their voice is heard by determining optimal voting strategies and limiting suppression issues.


Local legislation can have significant impacts on areas as far-reaching as jobs, the environment, and safety. Legit-Info helps individuals understand the legislation that shapes their lives.

Diverse Representation

Diverse Representation

Leverage technology to prevent, detect, and remediate bias and misrepresentation in the workplace, products, and society. For corporations to succeed, it is critical to have Black representation at every level.

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Tools that can help create awareness of potential bias, with the goal of enabling remediation of bias and improving representation.