Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge

Virtual Hackathon - June 20-21, 2019

Were you one of 2.5 billion people directly impacted by natural disasters since 2000? Ever wish you had the technology to better prepare in advance and recover more quickly? Have an idea for an application that might make a difference ahead of a future crisis?

If so, we call on you to invest a few hours to brainstorm, plan, start developing, or finish up and submit a natural disaster preparedness application during a special Call for Code Virtual Hackathon that begins Thursday, June 20th at 9am ET and runs until 9am ET Friday, June 21th.

Call for Code is more than a global challenge, it’s YOUR opportunity to make a lasting change for social good. Unlike other hackathons, the code is just the beginning.

Accept the Call for Code Challenge Find technology resources and starters View the livestream schedule
The winning team receives $200,000 USD, support from The Linux Foundation, implementation through Code and Response, and more
Competition ends on
July 29th, 2019

Commit to the Cause. Push for Change. Answer the Call for Code.

This Virtual Hackathon is a part of the Global Challenge and therefore follows the same scope, rules, eligibility, and participation agreement. What you start at this hackathon you can complete and submit before the July 29th deadline in order to be eligible for the prizes.

Kick start your Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge project with:

  • Twenty-four hours of streaming video on the IBM Developer Twitch channel to help you start quickly, including IBM Cloud tech talks and demos.
  • Access to a dedicated Slack channel to find help and collaborate with teammates.
  • Background info about real natural disaster challenges to make sure you’re building an application that matters.
  • Advice on submitting your world-changing application to have its best shot to win one of the Call for Code Challenge prizes.
Your opportunity doesn’t end on June 21st. You can continue to build your applications until July 29th when the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge ends.

Hackathon Schedule of Events

The event runs for a 24-hour period, starting at 9am US Eastern Time on June 20th and continuing until 9am US Eastern Time on June 21th. Once the hackathon is complete, you will have until July 29th to complete and submit your project through the judging platform.

The event will be streamed over the IBM Developer Twitch channel. Check back soon for the hour-by-hour schedule of live content.

Thursday, June 20th

9:00 AM ET ➤ Welcome and Kickoff - Daniel Krook
➤ A Tour of IBM Developer - Vince Brunssen
10:00 AM ET ➤ Starter Kit #2: Improving Flood and Drought Prevention and Response - Georgia Diamantopoulou
➤ Introduction to the Call for Code technology resources - Derek Teay
11:00 AM ET ➤ The Project Owl Mini-documentary with Q&A - Kevin Allen, Liz Klipp
➤ DevOps for Hackathons - Matt Langbehn
12:00 PM ET ➤ Using Node-RED to Collect and Display Data using REST - Greg Gorman
➤ Training a Watson Visual Recognition Custom Classifier with Node-RED - John Walicki
1:00 PM ET ➤ Web Components: Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, Templates - Kevin Hoyt
➤ Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning - Maureen McElaney
2:00 PM ET ➤ Serverless Functions - Upkar Lidder
3:00 PM ET ➤ Open Source and Open Governance - Joe Sepi
➤ Using Blockchain for Natural Disaster Relief - Pedro Cruz
4:00 PM ET ➤ Using Blockchain for Natural Disaster Relief - Pedro Cruz
➤ Working on Razee and k3s - JJ Asghar
5:00 PM ET ➤ Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery in the IBM Container Service - Lee Zhang
6:00 PM ET ➤ Designing Solutions for Disaster Victims - Jody Burks
7:00 PM ET ➤ Watson Speech APIs and using Node-RED for Audio Translation and Speech - Tim Robinson
8:00 PM ET ➤ TensorFlow 2.0 and IBM Watson Studio - Nick Acosta
9:00 PM ET ➤ Pre-recorded content on Twitch
10:00 PM ET ➤ Pre-recorded content on Twitch
11:00 PM ET ➤ Pre-recorded content on Twitch
Friday, June 21st
12:00 AM ET ➤ Statistics for Data Science: What You Should Know and Why - Gabriela de Queiroz
1:00 AM ET ➤ Building out IoT Solutions to Aid in Relief Efforts - Steven Cooper
➤ Develop Locally and on the Cloud with Cloud Foundry - Cong Nguyen
2:00 AM ET ➤ Starter Kit #3: Humanitarian Protection in Times of Disaster - Konstantinos Sofikitis
3:00 AM ET ➤ Pre-recorded content on Twitch
4:00 AM ET ➤ Pre-recorded content on Twitch
5:00 AM ET ➤ Building a solid data platform that can scale: best practices you can use right away - Jean-Georges Perrin
6:00 AM ET ➤ Building Alexa Skills with Serverless - Ed Shee
7:00 AM ET ➤ Developing your APIs using OpenAPI - Martin Hickey
➤ Starter Kit #1: Build Back Better - Susan Malaika, Vinaya Shastrakar
8:00 AM ET ➤ Starter Kit #4: Accountability and Centrality of Protection for Affected Populations - Rabia Mahmood, Conor O'Neill
➤ Submission Best Practices - Derek Teay

Can’t see the live feed? View the stream on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?
There's no advance registration, just join the IBM Developer Twitch channel at 9am ET on June 20th (or any time during the 24-hour event) to take part. We highly recommend you join the Call for Code community in advance, however, to make sure you can hit the ground running.

What technical resources are available to me?
Check out the list of technologies for code patterns, expert videos and more.

How can I form a team?
There is a dedicated Slack channel where you look for other virtual team members, or join a team that is forming: #virtual

Where can I ask technical questions, or questions about the hackathon?
Use the same dedicated Slack channel that the Call for Code team will monitor until the Virtual Hackathon is complete: #virtual

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