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CICS is a family of mixed language application servers that provide industrial-strength, online transaction management and connectivity for mission-critical applications. More About CICS

Node.js in CICS

Taking application development to the next level! Yes, Node.js in CICS is available in the CICS TS V5.5 open beta. Take a look at our page for more information on why this is a great offering for you.


CICS Education

Following on from the popular series of Java video courses, we’ve just released the ‘Introduction to CICS’ course – ideal for new starters in IBM Z or anyone who needs to understand what CICS actually is.

CICS and Java: the perfect partnership

As a first class Java hosting environment, CICS provides both an OSGi JVM server as well as embedded IBM WebSphere Liberty — providing additional JEE capabilities, including the recently announced support for Java EE 7 Full Platform.

Get started writing CICS Java applications today with our series of tutorials and samples.

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