CICS Explorer’s new service release* available from 30th September 2016  can be downloaded from IBM developerWorks Mainframe Development .
As well as a bunch of fixes detailed here at IBM Support we have included this new function.

Changes to views

Share views with co-workers

You can now export views to a file, send that file to a co-worker, which she can import to use your view. For more information see Sharing views in CICS Explorer 5.3.8


Save a view’s settings to its configuration

You can change a view’s settings in the view window and watch the results live as you change it. Try out some quick filters, perhaps edit the columns shown, change the column order or sort by a diferent column.
When you are happy with the changes you can use the “Save Settings to View Configuration” button Save settings to view configuration in the toolbar view of menu options of the view.


Return a view to its configuration with one button click

If you have changed a view’s settings and you want to reset the view to the original configuration use the new “Reset To View Configuration” button reset-view-to-configuration  in the toolbar view of menu options of the view.

New System Links view

You asked for this view, now you have it!
The “CICS System Links” view describes the endpoints of a communications link between two CICS systems being managed by CICSPlex® SM. In Explorer, see the SM Administration perspective then select Definitions. System Links is displayed in the list.  For more information about this resource table see the Knowledge Center


CICS View Configuration Preferences

  • Unsaved changes are now shown with an asterisk.
  • To make it easier to replace your current views with a full set of imported views, you can now select all views in the View Configuration preferences and delete them all at the same time.

Performance Improvements

Performance is improved in several views.  We have reduced the number of CICS requests to one third of those made in the previous version.
The “CICSPlex Explorer” and the “Workload Management Specification” editor now load faster. You can see the difference for small CICSPlexes and Workload Specifications, so it will make a big difference for very large CICSPlexes or complex Workload Specifications, used by many of you.


  • CICS System Group elements are only rendered as they become visible to avoid the intensive CPU overhead.
  • We have reduced the overhead when opening a context menu to increase the menu display speed.
  • When the context or scope was changed, all resource views that had been used were refreshed, even if they were not visible. Now, only visible views are refreshed. When a view becomes visible with a stale context or scope, it will be refreshed.
  • The time taken to add or remove columns in a resources view has been reduced.


Bundle Improvements

Remember your bundle export choice

export-bundle-choices The “Export Bundle  to z/OS® Unix File System” wizard now remembers the choice you make on the first wizard page. (Up to now the default has always been to export to the home directory of a platform).  From now on, the subsequent times you export the bundle project, the wizard will skip straight to the next page where you choose the export location, or the platform.  You can still go back to the first page to change your choice.

And if you decide you don’t want to remember the choice for this project, you can uncheck the remember check box.  Then you will see the first page every time you export the bundle.


Disable and discard a bundle in one go

Disable before discardingA new “Disable before discarding” option is added to the bundle discard operation.
This will attempt to disable the bundle before discarding it.  This saves you time by performing two operations at once, which is especially helpful to bundle developers.

The disable is always performed, even if the bundle is already disabled.  There are sometimes circumstances where a second disable is required before the discard will work.



Other improvements.

  • When using the perform operation dialog to install definitions in a situation where there is only one possible install target (for example, with a scope selected), the only possible install target will now be selected by default.
  • In the CICSplex Repositories view, CSD list entries are now sorted in sequence, rather than alphabetic, order.
  • The NONRLSRECOV system initialization table (SIT) parameter was not visible within CICS Explorer when using the Show SIT Parameters function (IV87858).
  • The order of some context menu items in resources views was incorrect and has been fixed.


Please let us know what you think about these changes in the comments section below.

* If you look at the version numbers of the plug-ins they show 5.3.8 due to a conflict with Eclipse versioning.

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