In CICS Explorer we introduced hyperlinking to improve navigation to files and folders. Wherever you see a zFS UNIX File System path for a file or folder, this will now appear as a hyperlink to enable you to link straight to that file location. Clicking one of these hyperlinks will either open the path in the z/OS UNIX Files view, or an editor for certain files. If you are not yet connected to a z/OS connection a dialog is provided to allow you to authenticate.

Let’s run through a use case to compare the steps you would have previously taken to what you would do now.

Imagine you have a bundle definition that won’t install and you’d like to go and look at what’s in it. Let’s assume you are in the Bundle Definition view, and can see the Bundle Directory column.

Previously the steps you would have taken:

  1. Make a note of the bundle directory path
  2. Open the z/OS perspective
  3. In Host Connections, connect to your z/OS connection
  4. Switch to the z/OS UNIX Files view
  5. Type/paste the bundle directory path
  6. You’ll be shown everything in that directory

With the recent changes in, this is much quicker. Now you simply can do as follows:.

  1. Click the bundle directory path
  2. bundle-definitions

  3. Connect to z/OS using the dialog prompt
  4. connect-to-zos

  5. The z/OS UNIX Files view is opened within your perspective for the path you clicked
  6. zos-unix-files-view

Hopefully it’s easy to see how this can save you a lot of time digging around through file systems while investigating, and it would be great to hear feedback or suggestions of other places we could implement this type of hyperlinking.

2 comments on"Quickly navigate to zFS paths in CICS Explorer"

  1. Does this new feature require you to connect to a certain level of CICS or is it all handled in the client?

  2. Sophie Green January 16, 2017

    Hi Tim,

    You’re correct, this will all be handled in the client.

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