CICS is a mixed-language application server. We’ve used this statement for a while now, and it reflects our pride that CICS is able to offer developers with a wide choice of programming languages with which they can create applications to fulfil the needs of their enterprise.

Most recently, we have been committed to making CICS a first-class environment to host Java applications – either new, self-contained applications or extensions to existing assets. Through our integration of WebSphere Liberty Profile as a Java EE server runtime, CICS is able to service the needs of modern applications with support for Java Enterprise Edition 7 Full Platform.

As we look toward the future, and trends within the IT industry, there are new languages and frameworks available for modern application development – with varying degrees of popularity and suitability for enterprise. We in CICS are constantly looking at how best we can fulfil our users needs, including the desire to utilize new languages.

Now, this is where you come in.

As part of our investigations into new languages we would like to understand which you are using and considering, both on IBM z Systems platforms, and within your wider organization.

Which languages and frameworks do you think would most benefit from hosting and integration with z Systems and CICS?

Share your thoughts in this short survey to help us ensure we meet your needs as a mixed language application server.

DISPLAY ‘Thank you’.
printf(“Thank you”);
System.out.println(“Thank you”);
print(“Thank you”)
console.log(“Thank you”);

3 comments on"CICS – speaking new languages"

  1. your survey asks what languages are used on z but it does not ask what languages are used in CICS, our mix differs

    • MarkHollands March 06, 2017

      Hello James,

      Thank you for your comment and I apologise for not having clearer differentiation between z/OS and CICS applications. If you have not already submitted, please treat any mention of z Systems as z/OS including CICS and other sub-systems. If you think there is an important differentiation, please add this in the “Comments” box and highlight which languages are only CICS or only z/OS.

      Thank you, Mark.

  2. Andy von Gremp March 03, 2017

    NodeJS; GO

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