The CICS team in Hursley have been busy of late. Alongside the release of V5.4 (which you can read all about in this ebook) we’ve been looking at new forms of CICS education to help you get to grips with this wondrous technology.

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‘Introduction to CICS’ course

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Continuous delivery updates to Version 5.3 delivered support for the Java EE 7 full platform specification. This allowed developers to modernize existing CICS applications, and take advantage of technologies like JAX-RS to provide new interfaces and services in CICS.

In support of this, we pioneered a series of Java video educational courses in partnership with IBM Redbooks:

  • Developing a RESTful web application for Liberty in CICS
  • Architecting Java solutions for CICS
  • Extending a CICS web application using JCICS

These courses were produced with subject matter experts from the CICS development team, to a high-quality standard befitting of the IBM Redbooks brand. To help as many people take them as possible, we made them available on-demand and free of charge. We also designed the courses to be modular, to make it easy for CICS users to learn at their own pace, and jump in and out of the course at times that suited them.

Because a lot of software engineers learn by doing, we created samples to go alongside the course and included these on the popular GitHub platform. So people could follow along with the tutorials and try it for themselves. We also used dwAnswers as a way of providing Q&A support if anyone hit an issue trying out the course materials themselves.

So having jumped straight into the latest developments in CICS, we realised we may have missed a few steps and that we needed something that would help those new to CICS. Not just junior application developers or system programmers, but truly anyone from an enterprise who wanted to understand this mysterious acronym quietly running their business.

And thus the Introduction to CICS course was born.

The whole course runs for about an hour and is broken down into 6 sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is CICS?
  3. CICS as an application server
  4. Configuring an application in CICS
  5. Scaling a CICS application
  6. Summary

We’ve been using it within IBM to educate new joiners from across development, marketing, sales, design and offering management teams, and we hope you find it useful in your enterprise the next time someone asks ‘What is CICS?’.

Listen to two of the newest members of the CICS team, Ashleigh Denholm and Luke Seery, discuss what they have learned from the course here.

Take the course for yourself (for free) here.

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