What are the main reasons most CICS sites use CICS Tools

CICS Tools continue to be enhanced to support the latest release of CICS TS – V5.4. Apart from support for the latest features of CICS TS, there are many reasons why CICS sites use CICS Tools. Here we list some of the key reasons and also provide details of new capabilities delivered in the latest releases of CICS Tools.

CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Faster problem resolution using customizable reports

  • Easy to use Forms allows you to create fully customizable reports that supports every CICS TS and CICS TG performance and statistics matrix.
    • Extensive selection criteria to focus the reports
    • All your reports can be generated with a single pass of the SMF data

Easy to use ISPF Dialog to build, maintain, and submit reports

  • Code free customized reports can be created in minutes rather than hours or days using Report Forms, Selection Criteria
  • Automatic generation of JCL to run selected reports, including automatic SMF files selection
  • Extensive online help available, field descriptions

Make it easy to get what you need with Extensive Tabular Reports and Extract Data Sets such as:

  • List, List Extended, Summary, Wait Analysis, and Cross-System
  • Transaction Profiling, Transaction Tracking, and Performance Alerts
  • Transaction Resource Usage
  • Comprehensive statistics reporting capability including cross-domain analysis, Statistics Alerts
  • z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) and z/OS System Logger
  • External Subsystems used by your CICS Systems and Applications
    • including DB2, WebSphere MQ, DBCTL, IP CICS Sockets
  • Third-party database reports using OMEGAMON SMF records

Historical data retention for short and long term performance analysis

  • Flexible and easy-to-use facility for collecting and managing historical performance and statistics data for your CICS systems
    • Short term history data detailing individual transaction performance for use in performance problem analysis
    • Long term history data summarized over time that can be used for analysis, trending, and capacity planning
    • Statistics history data for performance analysis and reporting

CICS system insight using Statistics Reporting

  • Online features include
    • Tabular reporting, Sorting by field (column), Print facility
    • Forms to design personalized reports
  • Batch Features include
    • CICS TS and TG List, Summary and Alert reports   
    • Selection criteria to focus reports on only the affect systems or resources
  • Complements the CICS statistics utility program, DFHSTUP

See where your transactions are running using Transaction Tracking

  • Simplifies the interpretation and understanding of the transaction flow across complex CICS configurations
  • Understand how your applications are performing as you start using the CICS ASYNCHRONOUS API in CICS TS V5.4
  • Analyze impact of system or application change using Transaction Profiling
  • Compares transaction performance between two different time periods. For example:
    • CICS (or DB2) release migration when you need to ensure transaction performance is not degraded
    • Application changes when you need to determine the impact of change on transaction performance
    • Evaluate whether application changes have achieved performance improvement objectives
    • Benchmark from last month when performance was good compared to yesterday when performance was sub-standard

Be told when things have gone wrong or when they’re about to – using Performance and Statistics Alerts

  • Provides ability to monitor and report adverse application, transaction or system conditions based on predefined thresholds
    • Easily customizable data field selection from more the than 500 available performance data metrics
    • Formula based, resource specific statistics monitoring

Visualize performance data using CICS PA Plug-in for the CICS Explorer

  • Statistics data and Performance data metrics visualization and analysis
    • Customizable sheet views, Graphical views and analysis
  • Statistics Alert and Statistics data views and data analysis
  • Performance Alert and Performance List views and data analysis
  • Export Statistics data or Performance data to Spreadsheet
  • View sensitive help / Links to relevant topics in CICS product information

Not sure which reports to run or data to include?

  • Out-of-the-box solutions
  • 250+ sample reports with extensive scenario based search facility to help you easily find the reports you need
  • Scenario based reports sets that include all the reports you need for the most common performance monitoring and problem analysis issues

CICS PA architecture

CICS PA architecture

For details about the latest release of CICS PA – V5.4, refer to the following link:

CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS

  • Change control services through the CICS topology life cycle
  • Security enforcement
  • Standards enforcement
  • Audit tracking of definitional changes
  • Seamless interfacing across CSD, CPSM DR and zFS repositories
  • Opportunity to synchronize CICS definition control with other change management systems
  • Single point-of-control for resource definition repositories
  • High productivity user interface
  • Extensive analysis reporting
    • Predict the impact of definition changes at the next COLD START, or pre play “what-if” COLD START scenarios
  • Automated tailoring of definitions
  • Historical reporting and definition version histories
  • Specialized reporting (like clean-up)
  • Governance and regulatory compliance
  • Business responsiveness and agility
  • Reducing downtime caused by administrative error
  • Responsibility sharing between applications development and system support
  • Removes dependence on in-house or vendor tooling solutions
  • Freeing CICS support personnel from administrative tasks
  • Reducing CICS technical support costs
  • Simplifies migration to new releases of CICS TS or to CPSM BAS

CICS CM Architecture

CICS CM architecture

For details about the latest release of CICS CM – V5.4, refer to the following link:

CICS Tools support for CICS TS V5.4

For details of CICS Tools support for CICS TS V5.4, refer to the following link:
CICS TS V5.4 compatibility with CICS Tools

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