One of the key features of CICS Transaction Server V5.4 (CICS TS) is a set of new asynchronous API commands to make it easier for application developers to create a programming model to run child tasks asynchronously.

Using CICS Performance Analyzer V5.4 (CICS PA), application and systems programmers can analyze the performance of CICS applications and systems that exploit the new asynchronous API. CICS PA V5.4 provides performance reporting and analysis for CICS asyncronous applications

The CICS development team have published a new Redbook “IBM CICS Asynchronous API: Concurrent Processing Made Simple” that is a useful guide for both application developers and systems programmers, including how CICS Performance Analyzer enables easier understanding of the complex relationship between asynchronous transactions.

For further details on CICS PA V5.4, please see Announcement 217-115.

CICS PA V5.4 Announcement

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