Latest Addition to CICS TG SDK

CICS Transaction Gateway has recently refreshed its SDK with the addition of new .NET Core Driver for ECI V2 applications. As a result, you can now port your existing .NET ECI Applications to .NET Core and write new applications using .NET Core CICS TG APIs. Support is provided by a single assembly (IBM.CTG.Core.dll) which is included in the SDK package in the directory cicstgsdk/api/dotnetcore/runtime.

More about .NET Core

.NET Core is modular, open source and supports cross-platform deployment. It provides supports a wide variety of platforms. Consequently, you can access your CICS Applications using .NET Core CTG APIs from all those supported platforms like Windows, Linux, etc. Most of all, you can even run these applications from cloud!

CICS TG .NET Core Assembly supports all the ECI V2 APIs, so your applications would need minimum change while porting with respect to ECI APIs. To use this capability, you need not update or modify your Gateway components running on z/OS. You can directly extract IBM.CTG.Core.dll from SDK and recompile your client applications with this new assembly.

Note – Connection Pooling support pack, CA77 is not supported by CICS TG .NET Core Assembly.

Try out CICS TG .NET Core Assembly today!

For more information check out CICS TG V9.2 Knowledge Center.

To download the latest SDK click here.

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